They are done!

Yokes on the coyote chaps
Yokes on the coyote chaps


I’ve always admired Cary Schwarz leather carving.. it’s just really superb… so I got his DVD set and finally had enough courage to try some carving like his style.. this is my first attempt, on the yoke… quite a departure from what I normally do.. I am still not completely happy with my leaves, but they are getting better.. I didn’t post a photo of the back belt, but it is the first free hand floral carving I have ever done.. no pattern, just drew with the swivel knife and then used the tools to make it stand out.. it’s not great, but I was happy for a first effort…

Oh, the coyote hides? Yeah, who wouldn’t want a soft, fluffy, pretty pair of hides like this to keep your legs warm?

There was a young lady over the other day and saw these, before they were completely done and she said she wanted to pet my legs! Well, I guess that would be ok! 😀

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