Spur of the moment

The other day I told Cindy that seeing as she was out of a job, we ought to just take off and travel, so we did. Went to Wyoming and spent time with friends and relatives. went thru’ souther Yellowstone on the way out and northern part on the way back.. we left on Friday and just got back tonight, Monday evening.. drove about 1300 miles, but only had to get a motel one night and didn’t have to buy many meals.. so a pretty cheap trip. We spent the night in Cooke City last night and this morning drove over Bear Tooth pass and on to the Medicine Wheel, something I’ve wanted to see all my life, way up high in the northern Bighorns… had to hike in a mile and a half and I only had my boots so my feet are a little sore, but well worth it.. it’s cool spiritual place… we stopped in Sheridan and I think for the first time ever I went into Kings and didn’t buy a thing, but Cindy did! 😀
We stopped at Sheridan leather and I got a few things and got some canvas on order from Sheridan Tent and Awning to make my small teepee larger…we seen some spectacular country and for anyone wanting a spectacular drive. got from Cooke City to Red Lodge, or vice versa… wow! Charles Kauralt said once it was the most beautiful drive in the US and I sure wouldn’t argue it… good to be home and seems like everything weathered any storm that came this way while we were gone.. of course the boys were here, so I wasn’t worried…

Oh and the biggest news is Cindy got to see a bear in Yellowstone and we got photo’s and it was a grizzly… we were a lot closer than the photo’s look like but of course none turned out real well, taken thru’ the window… I sure wasn’t going to be like a lot of them fools and get out and take pictures! We saw deer, elk, buffalo and I am pretty sure we saw three moose this morning on the Medicine mountain, but seeing as they were about 2000 to 3000 feet below us and maybe a mile or more away, I can’t prove it, but they moved like horses and not cows and acted like wild animals.. so I am sure they were.. in a little meadow.. we didn’t see any wolves which was probably ok as I might have wanted to shoot them if we had! 😀

7 thoughts on “Spur of the moment

  1. During our working years we didn’t travel much; I was always watching the pennies. We’re getting out more and more now. Sometimes the Harley, sometimes with the horses.

    They tell me I can’t take it with me so get out while you are still able. Who knows, maybe they’re right. I’m thinking about trading the Harley in for a 3 wheel Harley. Aline loves those long bike rides.

    1. I think one of them would be more comfortable.. but heck, just get a car that the top goes down, so if it rains or gets cold, put the top back up! 😀

  2. Way cool, you both more than deserve some down time. Mean you didn’t want to get out and take a selfie with the griz? 😉 We had some moron down in San Diego that ran across a buzz worm in a park and just had to get close to take some pics with his cell. That went ok so he decided to pic it up and take a selfie with it. He was smart enough to pick it up by the head, just not smart enough to pick it up close enough to the head that it couldn’t turn and bite him. It did. Working hard for the Darwin award.

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