Got up over 100 yesterday, C9indy said, it showed when she was coming home… not sure if it got that hot here, but I think close to it.. had a breeze, so that helped.. I didn’t get very far from the leathershop…. it has AC!

I went out this morning to look at pairs and set gates fort a move and fix some fence.. fixed a little and found a bunch of Musk thistle.. I had the spade with me, so I went to work on it.. then it got hot!@ Wow! I am out of shape! So I came in to cool off a bit and then take some water and go back and work on it a bit later on,, if it don’t get too hot..

Supposed to go announce a play day at a local arena.. it’s a fund raiser, so I said I’d do it, but warned them they needed someone there to tell me names.. I know most of the adults, but heck, I can’t even keep all MY grandkids straight on names, most of the time, let alone all the neighbor kids! Should be fun!

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