Got as nice rain last night.. Chance and I were supposed to go down in the breaks and ship cattle, but figured with the rain out would be off as there are just gumbo trails getting out of there.. I called the guy this morning at 4:30 and he went and checked, came back and called about 5:30 and said to come on, it was pretty dry, so we hurried around ands got down there about 7… got some cattle sorted off, penned them, split the cows from the calves.. one guy had come in the way the trucks would come (there are two ways to get in there, the other is better for trucks) and said there was quite a mud hole the way he came in.. so the owner left us to sort and went to check, came back and said we’d have to wait, too muddy for trucks to come in… some the trip was a waste, had to throw them back together and turn them back out… we headed out and had a flat on Chances pickup.. he didn’t have his spare with him…. so we got some cell service, called Hope and she brought a wrench and a spare to us, we got it on and got out and made it back to Enning and ate a late lunch there.. I didn’t get much sleep last night so tried a nap but it didn’t take.. so I been working on leather.. went to the bronc match in Faith last night… Same horse that has won it the last 2 years did it again… Lunatic Fringe from Burch’s with a 90 point ride by Cole Elshire.. good show.. Casey rode along and we had a good visit, almost got washed off the road with wind and rain south of Faith… heard one neighbor got and inch and a half, we must have got around a half or so, maybe three quarters, but the mud puddles rate drying fast.. Cindy is tired of the traffic at the Rally.. she works ten days straight and she is sure looking forward to Sunday when it and she will be done.. she is going to quit in another week or so.. she has applied for a couple other, closer jobs but doesn’t seem to care if she gets them or not.. she is tired of driving, and for as long as she has done it I don’t blame her.. maybe I will have to find another job!

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