Just got back from the Artist Ride… cool weather, especially on Saturday, with a lot of wind, so it was different than the normal.. quite a few new artists… the river was up and muddy so we didn’t use it as hard as most years, but sounds like all the artists got great shots… Some guy had a drone and got some real cool looking stuff, but I don’t think they will get to use it for any art… a new consideration…Cindy went along and all of Hope and Chances family, even CJ… Dusty stopped in for a couple days and then headed back to Texas to get the rest of their stuff and get it hauled back to the ranch he is headed to west of here.. we all had a great time, but, of course, tired and going to take a few days to get over the effects! I blew a rear tire on my pickup when almost home and it wrecked the side of the box and dang neer put me in the ditch, not sure if it hurt the rim and sure was glad it did it in fairly flat ground and not down along the rivers and in the breaks… guess I will see if the insurance will cover it.. it even tore the door to the fuel tank off.. pretty new looking tires so not sure why it went, but there ain’t enough left to make a salt feeder.