Foot rot

Been doctoring on some.. seems like there is a new case or two every time we checked… so we went amongst them today.. doctored 4 or five… second bull we’ve doctored, we may have to go get another one cuz I am sure these two ain’t doing much and the antibiotic kills the new sperm production, Hope was told… found the last cow had calved, late calver and he’s a painted up rascal! Tate is getting the walls up on the house,. creeps a little higher, all the time.. I took the big fork lift and went over and drug moss out of the dam in a couple spots yesterday, so when the kids fish they won’t get so tangled, hopefully… when I come back i stacked some rock, going to have to haul some more in, it looks like.. went to cut some weeds the other day and looked where i cut them last year and they are thicker than ever, so i quit.. not sure what to do with this gum weed, wait until it runs it’s courser, I guess. Nothing will eat it and from what I read, if they did it would probably poison them anyway… it is something that is natural to the area and seems to be worst in the old hay fields… Faith Stockshow this week, plan on going up to the bronc match on Wednesday… maybe go watch the rodeo on Saturday evening as that is when they are having some ranch bronc riding… went to a gig Friday night and got behind a combine crew for a ways on the black top road, headers hung way over, both sides… man, they can knock a lot of wheat down!

House walls are getting higher
House walls are getting higher
he's a painted up rascal
he’s a painted up rascal
Them are some wide headers
Them are some wide headers

2 thoughts on “Foot rot

    1. Not sure Marianne… the headers come off fro transport, but I bet they don’t need that large of ones in your neck of the woods.. some of these wheat fields would be half a section.. and pretty flat, no trees… I have a friend who is a professional photographer.. he used to do lots of ads for big media, went up to Canada ands shot an ad for IH or some other company.. the wheat filed was 20 miles by 50 miles, if I am remembering correctly.. said they could have a complete crop failure on one end and a bumper crop on the other.. amazing… had 5 or 6 combines all following each other cutting, as these were doing, with huge headers… this would have been 30 years ago or so, don’t know if they still farm all that or not… said when they planted it, they could only make a lap in a day or something like that… it was on an Indian Reserve, up there…

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