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Isaac Lee was born this morning about 3 am…plumb healthy. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and two parents to help raise and spoil him, not to mention is grandparents!

So many would like to help people who were so terribly devastated by the Atlas Blizzard. This is one of several groups putting things together.

This is a non profit organization who is collecting money to be dispersed back to those who need it.

We have one upcoming concert to help raise funds with another big one in the’s a link to the upcoming one….!/events/183307371857907/183518208503490/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

I feel proud and honored to get to be a small part of this…great line up and all the performers are donating their time and travel expenses…

I got to thinking today about some of these corporations who make part of their income from ranchers in this area…so I got online and got some addresses for these folks to get ahold of them and see if they would help to give something back to all their great customers out here.. I also called Carl Corey, who was one of the top 5 commercial photographers in the business some time back when I became friends with him and he gave me some good pointers that I passed on to the people at Rancher Relief, about how to go about getting ahold of the right people at these companies… don’t seem like I got a lot of anything else done today, but I still feel like it was time well spent… we had about 3 inches of snow the other day and lots of fog and also today, so I drove Cindy in to work, tho’ the roads seemed to be good, but she asked so I did… she is catching a ride home with Hope this evening…

Seems I am always learning new things or relearning, or becoming aware, of things I knew, but have forgotten as time goes on…

I think we are all aware of the mess the world seems to be in these days… and what do we do about it?

See if you can follow me here. If you believe in God, keep reading… if not, might as well stop now…

So, you believe in God? Good, me too. Then, if you believe that the Bible is basically a record book of our past relationship with him and a way to some insight from our past, for our future, keep reading, if not…

Okay, so we agree on that. So then, if you think the 10 commandments are the basic rules we are to live by, keep reading. If not…

So if we agree on that, then what recourse do we have when we break one or all of the 10 commandments? I’d say, Jesus. As I understand and believe, he came down from heaven to fix that for us. So if you agree with that keep reading, if not…

Okay, so we have a set of rules, or guidelines that pretty much cover what we should and shouldn’t do.. we all know that we sin when we break one or all of those rules…and that Jesus came to fix that… but it doesn’t say, “Hey, you can sin all you want, no problem, it’s fixed!” No, it means we are supposed to try and NOT break them again and to do what is right. Everyday. Every moment. Agree? Or not…

Okay, so then we admit we are sinners, rule breakers…but it’s no big deal, right? Well..if it’s no big deal, then why do we need any of them? I say it is a big deal. When we break one we hurt not only ourselves and our relationship with God, but also those around us…and God will forgive us if we truly repent…but what about those all around us? Did they or do they forgive us. Did we do harm? If so, how do we fix that? Rectify the wrong. Jesus is going to help us with our God problem caused by sinning… by what ever means you have been taught…

We need to go about fixing the harm we have done to others…there needs to be some justice, if we are to live in peace… so if we read the Bible with insight (which comes from having a teacher/mentor to help us understand what it really means) there are lessons that will show us the way. Forgive our neighbors who wronged us… they are to forgive us. Love one another, they are to love us ( and I am talking of real love, not like, not lust, but the sacrificial love, as a good parent would love a child)….

And there are many other little handy hints in that book. For instance, we are to be the first and best teachers to our children. I, and I think, many of us have failed in that… not because we intended to, but by omission…we have great reasons….. we are busy trying to provide for them….. and we make the excuse we are not smart enough, etc…and this brings about the basis for why the world is in the shape it is…

If you have a problem you know how to fix it? By analyzing the problem, seeing what is wrong and then fixing it. The solution to any problem is right there in your hands. You can fix it. You can fix anything!

……with God’s help.

His plan.

His book.

It’s all there…we just need to institute those plans from that book…. it’s as simple… and as hard.. as that.

You want to make life better, not just for you, but for all of those around you? Then do it. Fix it.

“Wow!” your probably thinking! How on earth can one person fix the whole world? Well, one man did many years ago. He was poor, had no money, no fame (at first) and he set in motion something that is still going on today, over 2000 years later. And he did it alone, with God’s help. He got a few men to listen to him and he taught them and they taught others and the thing jut snowballed from there…”Wait a dang minute, I can’t perform miracles!” Yes, you can. Maybe not the same or like Jesus did, but making a better life for a small child or an old person, or even yourself, is kind of a miracle isn’t it? Especially in this world we all live in?



How do I change the world?

Well, there is an old saying. When you have to eat an elephant, you don’t try and do it in one bite, you take a bite, eat it, then take another bite and eat it… eventually you will have eaten the whole elephant. Seems absurd, doesn’t it? Who is going to eat a whole elephant? (or would want to!) Well, how much water do you drink a day? And other beverages? Now, take all that liquid you have consumed and multiple by 7. Wow, that’s a lot! In just one week!

Or multiply that daily amount by 365. Yup, you drank a small tank or even a small swimming pool! In one year! How much have you swallowed in your whole life? You didn’t do it by thinking of drinking a whole lake or ocean, you just kept swallowing and drinking each and every day of your life…that’s how we change the world. You and me. (Unless you quite reading sometime back and then you are part of the problem and not the solution…)

Let’s do it. Let’s change the world. Lets follow God’s plan and fix this mess that we created… What? You don’t think you created this mess? Well, I bet you helped. Just like I did. I was too busy, too tired, too… something…

Lets be role models to the young people and people around us in our life… No. Let’s be GOOD role models! Not like the ones that the media hold up to us as role models and hero’s. The movies and TV stars who cheat on their spouses and get drunk and do and say stupid things. Not those who have children, but don’t stick around ( in any sense of the word) to parent those children properly. Or those sports stars who break our laws and God’s laws and we wink and chuckle and then go watch them play another game. Oh sure, let’s not be judgmental about them, after all, we are sinners too and we break the rules… but let’s quit going to movies that are, face it, porn or trash, even the mild porn, that passes on TV these days. Let’s quit voting for the ones who break our and God’s rules… and let’s not be judgmental of them, but let’s let them know we disapprove and are ashamed of them and their behavior…

The media is very powerful, but we are stronger. All we have to do is shut it off! When we watch a TV show or a movie or Youtube, lets do it with our children and grandchildren and lets use it as a tool to teach. Let’s quit letting the media babysit our kids without our oversight…yes, I know, we are busy…but remember, we are going to change the world. We quit watching, listening, buying, what they are selling, and they will change… sure it will take time, but we didn’t get into the mess we are in today overnight… we just allow it to go on, day after day, bite after bite…

Let’s quit rationalizing and start parenting and being good neighbors to each other. Let’s WORK at this! Yup, that’s a four letter word, isn’t it? Let’s start by being better people and pretty soon, before you know it, everyone will pretty much be better and better people live in a better neighborhood, country, state and world…and let’s love each other. Truly love each other. All we have to do is preach it and teach it. Preach loud and often and when necessary, use words! Don’t be afraid. god will put the words in your mouth when you need them, just listen and trust him.

Let’s sacrifice for one another… shut the TV off, shut the radio off, let’s enjoy and entertain each other… the mass media wins if we watch and listen to it, because they sell advertising to us, so we will buy the goods advertised… that’s how they do it. Let’s stop them in their tracks and tell them we’ve had enough. When we see trash or hear porn, let’s just shut it off … and if you would be so inclined, a letter to that station complaining would help too…they are driven by us… they do tests and run samples by us to see what we want… kind of like our politicians… if we won’t vote for liars an scumbags and kick them out of office when we find out they are, they lose. We win. It’s that simple. And that hard. But don’t be afraid. Close your eyes and take a bite of the elephant… pretty soon you will enjoy it! Now go pray for me and you and all of us. I believe that is the only way out of this mess….God will get us through this, if we just trust and let him…May God bless us all and may we allow him to do so! With him, anything is possible! Heck, you think I wrote this by myself? 😉

Pretty chilly this morning, lot’s of frost on the windows, but got nice by this afternoon and not much for a breeze…I putted around and did some leather work yesterday and today. Cindy rode with me yesterday evening and we went and drained the big tank down south and then dropped off a bowl and some over shoes at the neighbors that got left her.. they weren’t home, looked like they had been moving cattle home from the tracks on the road…I rode up the creek and rode all of it even in to Harry’s place looking to see if the two missing yearlings had gotten drifted under a snow bank… not much left but a few spots where I guess they could still be under there… I bet they are in someone else’s pasture and they haven’t noticed them yet… they are big ol’ boys so could be mistaken for a cow or heifer at a glance… I have a gig this evening and helping Casey work some cows in the morning…I moved the horses out east and kept Pilgrim and Mijo in. I rode Pilgrim this morning so I will ride Mijo tomorrow. Cindy is picking the boys up from basketball practice and I expect them home any minute… worked on a song the last few days. Threecollies had posted a blank verse poem on her blog the other day and I really liked it so asked if she would mind if I tried to set it to music. she said to go ahead so Chance and i worked on it and then some more.. I keep playing it trying to get comfortable with it and get it down and smooth…I have caught wind of several different folks who are trying to put together some concerts for a way to raise money for the Ranchers Relief funds or one of the others, so may have some gigs coming up. Only one I have for sure if the Cowboy Christmas Ball in Deadwood, the first part of December… sounds like they are going to donate some money to help out also…I will post her and on the Facebook pages when I got confirmation…

This had been building inside and like a bad stomach ache, it had to come out…


It came way to early
too damn hard and fast
Like a runaway freight train
then the die was cast

With rain and the wind…
like a hurricane on land
then it got nasty and pulled a knife
it played it’s final hand

Over two frozen feet
wicked, wet driving snow
with the wicked, wretched wind?
Lord how it can blow..

a mile a minute grunting gusts
icy white frozen shot
pellets peppered everything
like the fury’s double ought

wooden matchstick powerline poles
snapped off and splintered dead
in its white wake, dark and gloom
despair, regret and dread

And it’s only October 4th?
Hell, it’s hardly Fall
Rain? Sure.. but a blizzard?
it might just kill them all!

Then came the aftermath
tears, frustration and shock
sweat, anger and numbness
working ‘round the clock

Tears runnin’ down leather faces
like the torrent down the creeks
weary, gaunt and hollow eyed
they haven’t rested in weeks

the maybes and the shoulda’s
the coulda’s and the might’s
will eat your innards like cancer
stay away from that fight

And now? What to do?
Where do you even start
to try and help the stockmen
who’s guts have been ripped apart?

rdennis Oct, 2013

We got D & K’s shipped yesterday…the corrals, like all in this country, were muddy so we slipped and slid but we got them sorted, sexed and loaded… I hauled a trailer load in and then went on and got a pallet of pellets. A neighbor offered to pick me up a load just before the storm, but i really don’t have a very good place to store that many, so i turned him down and thanked him…but the back of my trailer is pretty messy and if i took a pallet load, they would be on a pallet and all plastic wrapped, so I did…now, just have to unload them in a dry spot…we are shipping yearlings today…I woke a little after 3 and started thinking of all the things I forgot to do and need to do at first light…Cindy’s been limping around with a sore foot, but not sure why… it has a small red mark on the side but she can’t remember hurting it… I tried to get her to go to the doctor yesterday, but she is just as hard headed as i am…she sez’ it feels better this morning… I bet it will be sore again tonight…

Got Del’s calves shipped today. I, along with some others, hauled a trailer load over..hard to move fast while sorting, afoot, in the gumbo..When I got home there was a message from my neighbor to the west and we’d had some yearlings in their place, roughing up their hay stacks, so Chance and I went up and went around the fence and fixed it up…the merchants from the town of Sturgis had a steak feed for all the community, to show their support for all the loss of cattle and the work and hell all have been thru’… it was nice and they had a large turn out…there are several organizations who have set up a place for people to donate to, administered by the stock associations… one business, we were told, had donated 100,000… not sure how they will decide to divvy it up, but it’s nice to know people care and are trying to help in some way…another shipping tomorrow..I will probably haul a trailer, load to the sale barn for them so i can get some wood pellets as we are starting to run low… still don’t have a furnace that works… I guess our propane guy has been too busy to get back here and make it work…oh well, as long as it doesn’t get real cold, we will manage with the cook stove in the kitchen, the pellet insert in the fireplace and lots of blankets on the bed at night.. if that wasn’t all, one of the heating elements burned out on the water heater and I know so little about them I can’t fix it… maybe Chance will help me tomorrow…

Fairly thick skim ice on the puddles this morning, but got warm by this afternoon… I went out and worked on some fence in preparation to shipping these yearlings this weekend…got some fence that is old and nasty.. I made a new gate in a better spot and fenced over the old one with a panel in it…worked on the lane a bit, but not too much I can do real well until all the drifts finally go off and by now, that could be next spring some time… lot’s more wire fence down I need to keep working at…I am going to help a couple neighbors ship calves the next couple days, may have to haul a trailer load for each…need to get started, or maybe re-started, on some of these leather projects…

We got it done.. had friends and family there, considering what the weather has been doing and what all the neighbors have been thru’ and are still fighting, we had a nice crowd…many would have liked to have been there, but the weather didn’t cooperate… Fr Tyler did a wonderful job and Theresa sang beautifully…Dusty brought horses to me and the rain and wind were picking up so I headed home pretty quickly afterwards…Got the two horses settled, the other horses in the corral for protection and went west to see if i could get all those cattle on the creek, upwind of the buildings so in case it got bad they’d drift in to the big tree patch.. every thing is where it ought to be and hopefully it won’t get too bad…Cindy stayed in town so she wouldn’t be stormed out tomorrow…either that or she is just sick of my company! 😀 Rain and wind at the moment, hopefully we won’t get much snow and the winds will let up… not as bad as the last one… so far… but we are all holding our breath!

Not a lot to write about, we made it past another chance for cattle to drift, hard cold rain and wild winds… yearlings drifted after they got tired, but we were ready and got them put in the lane and down into the tree patch…we have another one starting tomorrow, rain, wind and turning to snow… hopefully it will not be as bad as the last one…so many folks trying to make sense of this past disaster, what to do now, worried about the losses…of course, Washington is still on hold.. odd, I bet if the politicians were not getting paid while the government is “shutdown” they’d find a remedy a lot quicker…Cindy’s brother John and Kim are out for the funeral services on Monday… we had a great evening setting and looking at old pictures and visiting…we are supposed to go haul away a bunch of stuff from her Mothers apartment tomorrow…not sure where to, but I have suspicions…good chance of rain today, so hopefully if it gets a little wet it won’t be too big of a deal…as someones children decided to use the hook up to the trailer for the lights for a swing or something, so now there is no plug to plug into the pickup on the trailer for lights and such….on the bright side, there is water in dams now….and more to come! Who was it that was complaining of dry weather around here? My how things can change… and fast!