Got Del’s calves shipped today. I, along with some others, hauled a trailer load over..hard to move fast while sorting, afoot, in the gumbo..When I got home there was a message from my neighbor to the west and we’d had some yearlings in their place, roughing up their hay stacks, so Chance and I went up and went around the fence and fixed it up…the merchants from the town of Sturgis had a steak feed for all the community, to show their support for all the loss of cattle and the work and hell all have been thru’… it was nice and they had a large turn out…there are several organizations who have set up a place for people to donate to, administered by the stock associations… one business, we were told, had donated 100,000… not sure how they will decide to divvy it up, but it’s nice to know people care and are trying to help in some way…another shipping tomorrow..I will probably haul a trailer, load to the sale barn for them so i can get some wood pellets as we are starting to run low… still don’t have a furnace that works… I guess our propane guy has been too busy to get back here and make it work…oh well, as long as it doesn’t get real cold, we will manage with the cook stove in the kitchen, the pellet insert in the fireplace and lots of blankets on the bed at night.. if that wasn’t all, one of the heating elements burned out on the water heater and I know so little about them I can’t fix it… maybe Chance will help me tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. Sounds like a real busy time for everyone up there.
    Do hope you don’t run out of wood pellets! Glad y’all got critters shipped. And more soon. We are enjoying our cooler weather. Having to turn the a/c unit off, is such a pleasure here. We only have cold nights and very early am. Nothing like there but below normal for here.
    Thanks for sharing your daily life. You do realize it is like a good book to us out here.
    Stay safe and warm!

  2. Oh, no, my heart just goes out to you. We did without a good furnace two years ago and it is so hard to be cold all the time. And you are having such awful weather. Continuing prayers for you and your neighbors and family.

  3. You probably need a special wrench to fix that Hot Water Heater, just replace the isn’t too hard…we had to do that a number of times at the museum when some idiots turned on the circuit breaker when it had been drained for the winter.

    Good of the businesses in your area to be supportive:)

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