Here we go…

Not a lot to write about, we made it past another chance for cattle to drift, hard cold rain and wild winds… yearlings drifted after they got tired, but we were ready and got them put in the lane and down into the tree patch…we have another one starting tomorrow, rain, wind and turning to snow… hopefully it will not be as bad as the last one…so many folks trying to make sense of this past disaster, what to do now, worried about the losses…of course, Washington is still on hold.. odd, I bet if the politicians were not getting paid while the government is “shutdown” they’d find a remedy a lot quicker…Cindy’s brother John and Kim are out for the funeral services on Monday… we had a great evening setting and looking at old pictures and visiting…we are supposed to go haul away a bunch of stuff from her Mothers apartment tomorrow…not sure where to, but I have suspicions…good chance of rain today, so hopefully if it gets a little wet it won’t be too big of a deal…as someones children decided to use the hook up to the trailer for the lights for a swing or something, so now there is no plug to plug into the pickup on the trailer for lights and such….on the bright side, there is water in dams now….and more to come! Who was it that was complaining of dry weather around here? My how things can change… and fast!

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