More shipping

We got D & K’s shipped yesterday…the corrals, like all in this country, were muddy so we slipped and slid but we got them sorted, sexed and loaded… I hauled a trailer load in and then went on and got a pallet of pellets. A neighbor offered to pick me up a load just before the storm, but i really don’t have a very good place to store that many, so i turned him down and thanked him…but the back of my trailer is pretty messy and if i took a pallet load, they would be on a pallet and all plastic wrapped, so I did…now, just have to unload them in a dry spot…we are shipping yearlings today…I woke a little after 3 and started thinking of all the things I forgot to do and need to do at first light…Cindy’s been limping around with a sore foot, but not sure why… it has a small red mark on the side but she can’t remember hurting it… I tried to get her to go to the doctor yesterday, but she is just as hard headed as i am…she sez’ it feels better this morning… I bet it will be sore again tonight…

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