This had been building inside and like a bad stomach ache, it had to come out…


It came way to early
too damn hard and fast
Like a runaway freight train
then the die was cast

With rain and the wind…
like a hurricane on land
then it got nasty and pulled a knife
it played it’s final hand

Over two frozen feet
wicked, wet driving snow
with the wicked, wretched wind?
Lord how it can blow..

a mile a minute grunting gusts
icy white frozen shot
pellets peppered everything
like the fury’s double ought

wooden matchstick powerline poles
snapped off and splintered dead
in its white wake, dark and gloom
despair, regret and dread

And it’s only October 4th?
Hell, it’s hardly Fall
Rain? Sure.. but a blizzard?
it might just kill them all!

Then came the aftermath
tears, frustration and shock
sweat, anger and numbness
working ‘round the clock

Tears runnin’ down leather faces
like the torrent down the creeks
weary, gaunt and hollow eyed
they haven’t rested in weeks

the maybes and the shoulda’s
the coulda’s and the might’s
will eat your innards like cancer
stay away from that fight

And now? What to do?
Where do you even start
to try and help the stockmen
who’s guts have been ripped apart?

rdennis Oct, 2013

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