Nice day

Pretty chilly this morning, lot’s of frost on the windows, but got nice by this afternoon and not much for a breeze…I putted around and did some leather work yesterday and today. Cindy rode with me yesterday evening and we went and drained the big tank down south and then dropped off a bowl and some over shoes at the neighbors that got left her.. they weren’t home, looked like they had been moving cattle home from the tracks on the road…I rode up the creek and rode all of it even in to Harry’s place looking to see if the two missing yearlings had gotten drifted under a snow bank… not much left but a few spots where I guess they could still be under there… I bet they are in someone else’s pasture and they haven’t noticed them yet… they are big ol’ boys so could be mistaken for a cow or heifer at a glance… I have a gig this evening and helping Casey work some cows in the morning…I moved the horses out east and kept Pilgrim and Mijo in. I rode Pilgrim this morning so I will ride Mijo tomorrow. Cindy is picking the boys up from basketball practice and I expect them home any minute… worked on a song the last few days. Threecollies had posted a blank verse poem on her blog the other day and I really liked it so asked if she would mind if I tried to set it to music. she said to go ahead so Chance and i worked on it and then some more.. I keep playing it trying to get comfortable with it and get it down and smooth…I have caught wind of several different folks who are trying to put together some concerts for a way to raise money for the Ranchers Relief funds or one of the others, so may have some gigs coming up. Only one I have for sure if the Cowboy Christmas Ball in Deadwood, the first part of December… sounds like they are going to donate some money to help out also…I will post her and on the Facebook pages when I got confirmation…

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