Ranchers Relief

So many would like to help people who were so terribly devastated by the Atlas Blizzard. This is one of several groups putting things together.


This is a non profit organization who is collecting money to be dispersed back to those who need it.

We have one upcoming concert to help raise funds with another big one in the works..here’s a link to the upcoming one….


I feel proud and honored to get to be a small part of this…great line up and all the performers are donating their time and travel expenses…

I got to thinking today about some of these corporations who make part of their income from ranchers in this area…so I got online and got some addresses for these folks to get ahold of them and see if they would help to give something back to all their great customers out here.. I also called Carl Corey, who was one of the top 5 commercial photographers in the business some time back when I became friends with him and he gave me some good pointers that I passed on to the people at Rancher Relief, about how to go about getting ahold of the right people at these companies… don’t seem like I got a lot of anything else done today, but I still feel like it was time well spent… we had about 3 inches of snow the other day and lots of fog and also today, so I drove Cindy in to work, tho’ the roads seemed to be good, but she asked so I did… she is catching a ride home with Hope this evening…

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