Another day in April

Here is is the 3rd already. Cindy had to do some stuff in town, so I got my chores done and fixed a little fence to lock the cows into another pasture from where they’ve been, showered and went with her. I did some things, amongst them being getting a new, cheap camera. No sense spending too much no longer than they lat me. When we got home I went out and worked Brod for the first time in a couple days. Quite a deal. I will post about it in Horse Training.

Chance and Hope and kids came out Sunday afternoon and visited and got some horse gear, my older saddle and the blue horse. I never fed until evening as I waited for them and Mass is now at 10 am on Sunday’s. When we went to unhook, the boys and /Chance were with me, I went to unhook Roz while Chance was unhooking Ron and I got one tug hooked to the harness and here is Gus at my feet unhooking the other one from the single tree. Tickled me….He just threw it down so I had him hand it to me so I could hook it to the harness. That boy wants to help with every thing. Every time I turned around he was at my heels. I crawled over the fence and kicked him in the forehead, lightly, as he was right there. Then when I picked up a busted off pole to throw it against the fence, I whacked him in the eye with it, as he was right there! You’d think ONE of us would learn!

Sure was fun visiting and getting to play with the grandkids.

Wind howled Sunday afternoon and most of Monday, seemed like.

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