Wet, windy and SLIPPERY

Wow. got a little rain last night and maybe some snow and when you walk out there, you wish you was sharp shod. Not too cold, tho’ that wind has a bite to it, but I about fell down several times as the snow is real slippery from the rain . It’s in the 30’s and water dripping off the roof when I let the dogs out of their house. Horses were in the corral looking for a handout,and I suppose with their wet backs they are a bit chilly, so they are ramming and jamming to get warm. Glad I don’t have to saddle one and step on as my butt is just too round for that and I’d fall off. Any way I try to travel, looks like an old feller like me could slip and break a hip! πŸ˜‰

I had fed yesterday, knowing it was going to be like this today, so every thing should be set. I’d gotten some 2 inch styrafoam when I was in town the other day and put it over the float for the cattle down south to insulate it where the float is and the tank for the horses and calves wasn’t iced over, so it looks like I can go in the shop and get back to work on my saddle. πŸ™‚

Cindy didn’t go in to work today because of the roads and she is feeling guilty. but I don’t know why. Hell, she couldn’t hardly get out of the driveway! Let alone 60 miles to town.

The Bishop was out to Mass last night. I hope he has safe travels on to the other parishes today!

7 thoughts on “Wet, windy and SLIPPERY

  1. The rain is headed here for tomorrow and with all the snow we have on the ground should make it really icy and lovely! Now you be careful, we don’t want you getting a broken hip either! The hubby bought me those things you slide onto the bottom of your boots so you don’t slide on the ice and I am so glad because after a couple of times sliding on my padded bottom it wasn’t so padded after the second time πŸ˜‰

  2. Be careful JB. Why is it that one of the first things you do when you slip on the ice is check if there was any body around to witness the event?

  3. He he, ya might not be able to get sharp shod, but you CAN get chains for your boots! Ha! I got my granny some last winter…man when she’s chained up and hits it, she can make it to the mail box and back a foot!

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