I got my chores done and then went to Punkin’ Center to get the fuel filter changed in my pickup, as it was wanting to gell on me the other day. then picked up a half a beef to take to people at Rapid City. Ate some lunch at Bull Creek cafe and then on into Sturgis where I got a few things done, while waiting for Cindy to get off work. she had me bring her Kindle, so I read a book I had downloaded to it while I waited.

She came out and got in the pickup and on to Rapid. She watched the meat while I did a little shopping and then over to the meet for the meat place. 🙂

Got the meat to the ladies, got paid and then we went and loaded down with wood pellets, ate a bite and then on to Gabe and Lige’s wrestling match. I was not properly informed of the start time, so we were way early and I was tired of bleacher seating before it ever started! But when it did I loosened up fast. Gabe won his first match with a pin and Lige lost his to a pin. Then in the second round, Gabe had a pretty hard opponent, but he managed to win by points. Did a great job. Lige lost his second match by a pin again. We had to leave but Tate posted that Gabe won his first tournament, so must have been victorious in his last match also! Woo Hoo!

Supposed to get up in the 40’s by this afternoon! Woo Hoo!

Fr Tyler’s birthday today. Woo Hoo!

Bishop is coming to Mass this afternoon. Woo hoo!


Oops, maybe didn’t need a woo hoo on that one. 😉

2 thoughts on “Grandkids!

  1. Them oil burners are tough, but their gellin’ tendencies can leave you out in the cold. I know. Glad it’s warming up there, maybe it’ll trickle down to us!
    That Johnny in your last post had a good response. . Thanks for the post.

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