Moved heifers

Started of well and then went to hell. If I’d of had a gun there would have been two dead dogs before I got done and I was ready to take the sorry bosal off I was riding with and cut it into pieces. But on the bright side I got some great sunset photos. The Good Lord was watching over me as when I got to the barn it started to hail. Not hard, just dime to pea size and didn’t last too long. Helped to brighten my mood.

Click on the pictures to embiginate!

7 thoughts on “Moved heifers

  1. Gidday Dennis – Pleased to see that your good humour returned, why is it so funny when some-one else gets into a spot’o bother with stock !

    Cheers – Foster

    PS roughly how much leather do you think it’d take to do a “skeleton” style saddle, I can’t see how to do it in one side, but there would be a lot left from 2 ??

    1. Foster, good to hear from you. Yes, I don’t mind trouble,as long as it happens to someone else! 😉

      If you went with a very “bare” bare bones, one should be aplenty. Especially if you use a cable rigging. And if it’s a good big side you could probably get the rigging for it also, whether a drop plate or full double.

      Are you thinking of making one?

      You can email me for further discussion at if that would be handier for you.

      Or call at 605 985 54189. I am Mountain Time zone

      1. Well them are some pretty nice pictures J.B. if you came down here and rode you would have a pistol with you.

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