Supposed to get up to 80 today and then in the 70’s for the next week with just a slight chance of rain shower. you can almost see the grass growing!

Kass and the kids came out yesterday to get their beef and the boys rode Beaver around in the corral. I think it’s gonna work, putting them on him. I told her when branding’s are done I will bring Gabe out for a week and let him trail along with me on Beav.

Ruined a tire on the little Purple Suzuki I use for a run a about. I fenced off the yard for the horses to graze and set a corner post going down south. While I had the tractor running I pushed and shoved the drying mud in the corral so it maybe will dry out a little quicker. Took the tire over to Punkin center and scowled when I wrote the check for the new one. Got some salt, mineral, vaccine and steel posts. Ate at Bull Creek and had fun getting hassled and hassling the ladies in their.

Now I will haul out the salt and mineral and move the heifers this evening. Looked like one had a weepy eye the other day so I will see if an y need doctoring while doing it. Might even get Gramma to ride along.

I picked a day to brand and got the crew lined up. Chance is getting all nervous about it. he owns most of the pairs. And he’s young. Me? I never get nervous about it anymore. šŸ˜‰

Got a couple more branding’s on the calendar to go to. Got to see an old friend who is fighting Cancer, over at Punkin Center. Sounds like he’s getting along, tho’ he is sure thin. I pray for him and several others, every day. Hope he gets it whipped.