I ran into Sturgis and picked up Cindy when she got off work. Went to Rapid and she got another estimate for new fixings for the kitchen. Then we went to Custer to Tate and Kass for Tate’s approval of the layout as he is going to make the doors and and drawer faces out of old barn wood. It was late when we got headed home so I just drove Cindy home and then went in with her this morning to get my pickup. There were some changes in the plans from the first place we went to so we decided I should go back and have them re-draw up the plans to match and see who had the best deal.

Part of the reason to go with another company is that after we had left the place yesterday afternoon, we had tried to call back and talk to the man who drew up the plans and in the ordeal of trying to get a hold of him in this mega store, Cindy was sent to the wrong area’s on the phone and as the man who was trying to direct her call went to put her on hold he muttered something about a “bitch”.

Now, I don’t think he was referencing his dog, so after Cindy got hung up on, we called back and I talked to one of the managers, told him what had happened and the fellers name (he was stupid enough to give it to Cindy before the “bitch” comment) and the department he worked in. I mentioned that the feller out to be smart enough to wait until someone is on hold before they utter phrases like that. The man apologized of course and said he would look into the matter, but so far nothing else came of it. I would like the contact the feller we dealt with and explain why we went with a different company. It sure wasn’t his fault.