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Remember my story about the auto company who did not provide the assistance to which I thought I was entitled to. A friend who is an attorney, volunteered to send the company a  letter, which he did and wonder of wonder, the CEO of the company contacted the friend! Supposedly they will reimburse me for the cost of the policy and send $25 to cover the cost of the repair, which is half of what they would normally pay, but my friend did not know what amount was charged to me for the tire repair or replacement.

So……we will see. I will report back one way or the other.

Sad isn’t it, that an attorney had to get in touch to make a company do what they promised to. Hell of a poor way to run a business if you ask me. And the CEO claimed he had not gotten either one of the emails I had sent him. Okay, whatever you say buddy.

Man, it is a NICE day out there. Up in the 30’s an little to no wind, sun shining, just another day in paradise!

Did you watch any of the Loony Leftist Liberal Awards last night? I guess they call them the Academy Awards, but mostly it’s just a bunch of trained puppets applauding themselves. Why on earth do we and especially the media hold these people up to be a standard of what is good and right?

Granted, there are some talented people who can entertain you, but have any of them ever saved any lives or done anything else for this country other than post mindless drivel to keep the mind occupied? Why are they set up as hero’s and people to be emulated? Seems like the media delights in showing us all of them who are unmarried and have children with other people and get drunk and abuse drugs and do stupid things. And these are hero’s?

Maybe they get them selves confused with the people they portray in the movies and TV shows? Many time the movie shows us and is about a hero, but the people playing them in the movie are not. At least none I can think of.

How many have donned a uniform and stood a post for this country? Them are the real hero’s.

I guess I am just old and cranky, but I sure as hell don’t want my grand children looking at these people and thinking that they are who they want to emulate.

Probably the problem is, those who make the decisions as to what we get to watch are a part of the problem and all want to be rich and pretty like the actors they put in the movies and on TV.

Yup, the lunatics are running the asylum and have been for too long. I think it’s time to change that.

Got up and got my chores done yesterday. Used the tractor and then pushed snow and moved bales around so they were handier to get to not stuck in snow drifts. Then I was going to go in and pickup Cindy, who stayed in and we were going on to Rapid to get some pellets for the stove and a used washing machine. I picked her up at 2 and we headed to Rapid. Got the washing machine and went and got pellets. Ran into a neighbor and a friend and did some visiting then headed for home. Got almost home and got a call from Chance that Hope was in labor. So we tromped on it, got home and Cindy got cleaned up a bit while I was unloading the stuff from the pickup and getting her car warmed up. We were pretty worried as Hope has had so much trouble keeping this one. And she wasn’t do for several more weeks. Chance was on his way up from Nebraska with the pickup and trailer and their stuff. Hope had just come home that morning from helping organize so they could load stuff.

Just before we went to walk out the door and head back to Rapid, Hope’s sister called and said she had the baby and mom and baby girl were doing fine.

So we have another grand daughter. Adelaide Elizabeth I think is her name. Big ol’ name for a tiny  little girl. But she looked good when we got there to see her and pick up her brothers to come stay with us for a day or two. I think Hope will have to stay for a bit as she had some hemorrhaging or something. Sure glad this one is all tied up and in the bag. We were pretty worried for a spell, afraid it wouldn’t work out this well. Who sez prayers don’t work? 😉

But a beautiful day out there. When I first looked it was 6 or 8 below. Then when I got off the phone and some other things I was doing and headed out, it was 1 below. Cows and horses still had feed so they didn’t really care when they got feed. they was all enjoying the sunshine and not wind! I’ll post some pictures on here after bit. Dean just called and I am going to ride with him down to Punkin Center and eat some clean cooking, as my Dad used to say!

Later: Well, the food was good and I even let Dean whup me at Cribbage when we got back! 🙂

Feeding the cows this morning in the fresh snow.


Here, this ought to scare the mice away! I thought I had more ice in my beard and mustache when I snapped this self portrait!

I wondered if I had ever posted this picture on here. I got to thinking that some of you may find it interesting. Chance and Beaver have this critter captured and are doctoring it all by themselves with ease.

You get your critter roped by the hind foot or feet and then get it laying on the ground, ride up close over the top of it and pull your rope as tight as you can get it between the saddle horn and the feet of the capturee. Then you dally off to the horn and take a couple wraps around the saddle horn finishing off  with a loose knot  that will be easy to get off when you are done, take the tail of your rope and go on the other side of your horses neck and then under the rope running to the critter and back to the horn and tie it off so it won’t come loose. Or you can take the tail of your rope and go down to the feet of the critter and tie off there. In this way you have a rope around your horses neck on each side to keep them facing the critter and the critter can’t really do much but lay there and let you doctor it. Works real handy on a colt or a green horse as when the critter wiggles a little the horse will naturally pull back a bit and back away from the critter and help to keep the rope tight. They learn to “work a rope” in this way. The horse can’t really turn and leave or choke themselves either. I have heard of guys out a long ways from any facilities doing a c section on a cow having trouble birthing their calf, and holding them in this way. We usually tie the hind feet of the critter together with a small “piggin” string, just in case they would wiggle and shuck your rope off the feet.

Anyway, thought some of you might like seeing this.

I ended up taking Cindy in to work after I got the feeding down today. Roads were slippery in places and pretty much covered in snow the whole way in and back.

When I was feeding today and thought the wind was going to blow hard, I decided I better go check on the horse up west. They were fine, but decided to follow me back to the buildings. At one point when I went to cross the creek they went on east a bit and crossed at a different crossing. When I topped the ridge, here they came to the east of me, running up the hill, single file, with their manes and tails whipping in the breeze and the snow falling around them. Looked like a black and white painting! It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I wished I’d of had the camera, but by the time I had gotten my mittens off and got the camera to working I am sure I would have missed it anyway. Teri is supposed to come down one of these days and get some horse pictures so hopefully we can sort of re-create it and she can get some good shots and do some art work of it. Cross your fingers!

More weather moving in.

Cindy was going to stay in town yesterday afternoon when she got off work as she didn’t want to drive in bad weather or get stormed in here, away from her job. She HATES not getting to work. Not so much for the money, as she feels like she is letting her co-workers down and the person who has to come in an replace her. She called me and I looked at our forecast on the internet at the gridpoint forecast for NOAA weather, which is 90% accurate, seems like.

I told her she would be fine to come home and still be able to get back in the morning (this morning) as the wind and snow wasn’t going to do much until about 8 am. She is usually in town by 5:30  to 5:45. I told her if it was too bad in the morning, I would drive her in with the 4×4. So she came home.

Well, she left this morning and called from Punkin Center to tell me the roads sucked and I needed to come get her and take her on in. So I got dressed, went out and unhooked from the trailer and headed out. Snow was really coming down and the wind was blowing it harder than they had predicted for this early. I called her on the cell phone and told her to head back home and I’d meet her half way and break a trail for her, as I was pretty sure I could get IN to town, but was worried about getting myself BACK with my poor tires with not much tread on them. I hadn’t thought of that last night when I told her she’d be fine. And I put too much faith in a forecast, which I seldom do. But if the forecast isn’t quite what it sez it will be, it doesn’t usually make much of a difference to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s colder or windier than they say, I still need to get the stock all fed. Not really too big a deal.

So she followed me home and will probably be snowed out tomorrow also, from the sounds of thing. Crap! Now I feel bad for screwing up her day/days. She has an understanding boss and co-workers, but we sure hate to let people down.

Hope is supposed to head down to where Chance is today, with her sister and brother in law, to box up all their things and load them in the trailer for the move to the new job. I hope they wait a day or two until this storm passes.

Sounds like another 6 to 8 inches of snow and of course the wind is supposed to gust up in the 25 mph range. But maybe they will be wrong about that too! 🙂

Never trust a, lying weather man, if your life depends on it. 😉

This is the email I sent to the head of the company who did not deliver on their promise, as I see it. I will not name any names as of yet, until I see what happens with this. Maybe it’s just the cooler temperatures and wind that’s making me cranky? 🙂

Mr _ _ _ _

My name is Robert Dennis. I am a rancher in Western South Dakota where services are far apart and hard to get to, many times. I have been a member of your Auto Club of America company for almost a year now. Yesterday was my first time to try and use the services of this company.

I had occasion to drive my ranch pickup and stock trailer down to Chadron, Nebraska to meet my son, who is moving back to this country from that area, to start work at a different ranch.  My stock trailer is larger than his, so he met me there with his smaller trailer and his two horses and gear and I left him my larger trailer so that he could move all of his families belongings in it. I started back towards my home and had only gotten down the road a short ways when I had a flat on the trailer with the two horses in it. I stopped and with help from two nice young men who ranch in that area pumped up and put the spare on and headed on down the road. Just short of Hermosa, South Dakota, the spare tire blew out. I limped on down the road to a small gas station. I called your company looking for some roadside assistance as it was getting on towards dark and I couldn’t very well unhitch and leave the horses and trailer setting while I drove the 20 some miles into Rapid City, which was the closest place to get my tires repaired. The lady I talked to from your company told me that only my vehicle was covered and not any trailer I was pulling.

I sure wish you guys had told me that and made it very plain when I dished out my hard earned money to pay for your policy! If I had know this, I would have gotten a policy from another company that would have covered this as most of the time when I am driving my light duty truck, it is pulling a stock trailer. That is one of the main reasons I have it. and also why I bought this policy in the first place, to make it easier when i had these sort of problems. The lady did tell me she would give me names of companies who might be able to help me, but it would be at my own cost. I told her, “Thanks. For nothing.”

I am contacting you to let you know of my disgust with your company in this matter and will let everyone I can reach, that this is the policy for your company and that they should find a different company to do business with, in these matters. I only wish I knew of a hungry young attorney who would bring suit against you for misleading me when I spent my money on your policy. Seems as tho’ you large companies., that is all you understand, lawyers and lawsuits.

I am a rancher and around here, our word is our bond. If I tell someone I will do something, I do. And I expect the same treatment from others. I feel as though you and your company have failed me and that you broke your word to me. If your were not going to cover a vehicle, and anything attached to it., you should make it plain when people look into buying a policy from you. I wish I had a phone number for you so we could discuss this farther and I could get your side of the story and feelings on this matter, but I suppose you are a busy man and don’t have time to deal with the people who pay you money for the “services” which you are supposed to render. If you should wish to contact me, you have my return email address and my phone number is 605 985 5419. Please feel free to call me at any time, day or night. That is the way I do business.

I suppose my membership is due in a day or two. Rest assured, I will NOT renew.

Robert Dennis

Got my chores done this morning and called the mechanic to see if he had an alternator. He did so I quick showered and we took off. I noticed on the trip to town that the alternator showed it was working so when I got there Brian checked it out and it was working. We decided that the alternator must have had some snow in it and that is why it didn’t work the other day. He was pretty sure it would be fine, so I headed south to meet Chance.

Stopped in Rapid and picked up Gus as he’s going down to “help” his dad and make room in the other vehicle when Hope goes down to load things for the move, on Thursday/Friday. Got to Hermosa and met up with Kass and Cindy got out and went to spend the afternoon with her and the grand kids in Custer. Me and Gus headed on south.

Smooth sailing and we ended up going on to Crawford as Chance didn’t get as early of a start. Chance and I swapped trailers, his had two horses in it and it is smaller and mine is 22 foot and a little wider, so they can get all their belongings into it. Told him and Gus goodbye and I headed back towards home.

Got almost to Olerichs, home of 2008 world Champion Saddlebronc rider, Chad Ferley, when I blew a tire on the trailer. I pulled over and tried to back it up on a block I have, to keep from using the jack, but had no luck. Too much slush on the shoulder. Then I got the jack and was going to jack it up when I decided to check the spare tire I had gotten fixed for it a few weeks back. It was flat too!

So as Charlie Daniels sang in his song, “I limped on down the shoulder on the rim”! I could see a ranch house down the road a piece so I pulled in there and walked up and knocked on the door. No answer, but I noticed a small 4 wheeler coming with two guys in it. They pulled in, I asked to use their air tank and they told me to pull in their shop. They had a floor jack and a good air wrench, so in just a few minutes we all had the tire switched on it, and pumped up the spare and it was leaking at the bead, but when they dropped it down, the bead popped tight and the tire took air. I thought they looked familiar so asked their names and it turned out to be Chad Ferley and his brother. Not too often you get to have a World Champion bronc rider change your tire! 🙂

That is what I love about this country and the sport of Rodeo. No whining Prima Donna’s around this end of it. Just good ranch folks who happen to be very talented at a sport where they pay all their own entry fees and travel expense, with no guarantee of making a dime. Great people! Thanks Chad and Brother Ferley.

I got almost back to Hermosa when the spare blew! Damn!

I limped on in to a small Conaco station on the south side of town, where Cindy and Kass were waiting for me. I called my auto repair card people, but the sonsabitches told me that only the vehicle I was driving was covered and not any trailer I was pulling, so they could get me some names of places to call who might help me, but it would be at my expenses. I told her thanks for nothing and hung up the phone. Worst thing about a cell phone? You can’t slam the son of a bitch down!!!!!

I got a hold of Dales Tires in Rapid and they sent a hard working young man out and he struggled mightily and eventually got the two blown tires changed out with new ones and back on the trailer. I tipped him. Poor guy worked his butt off on them old stubborn tires.

After that it was a piece of cake. Dropped Cindy off in Sturgis where she had left her car at the mechanics for them to check out a light that stayed on in her dash and she is staying in town tonight. I cam home and the horses were real happy to get here. Me too!

So, if you get a chance, go watch Chad Ferley. Great bronc rider and can really swap out a tire. If he give up the sport of rodeo I am sure he can get a job in a pity crew for the car racing circuit!

If you need tires or some one to help you with them when you are in trouble, call Dales Tires in Rapid City.

And if you need some kind of auto service for break downs, don’t use the sonsabitches I have. I will post more on them later. I will hopefully have an email address and a phone number and I hope all of you will help them out by sending tons of emails and phone calls telling them what sorry sonsabitches they are. Wish I knew a young hunger attorney to sic on them!!!!!!

Snow and cold. Below zero this morning. I used the tractor this morning as I needed to push some snow around the bales and clean off the driveway. Must be at least 8 inches, maybe more. Didn’t drift too bad.

Yesterday I throwed some little square bales in the back of the pickup and Cindy went with me, up west where the horses are. We broke and scattered the bales and Cindy drove. When I got in the pickup she noticed that the gauge that shows the batteries charge, wasn’t showing them getting any charge. So I suppose the alternator is out. I called around this morning and finally got a guy in Sturgis who has worked on Cindy’s car before. I am supposed to take it in , in the morning and he will check it out and put a new one on if needed. Then I am headed south to meet Chance. He will bring his trailer with his two horses he has down there and meet me halfway and I will leave him my larger trailer and haul his trailer and horses home.  Gramma is doing some finagling to get Kass to meet us part way and she will stay there until I come back thru’. Then Kass will bring her back out to the highway to meet me on the way back.

Supposed to warm up into the 20’s tomorrow and the  cold for another several days. Everyone is getting tired of winter and the hay is getting fed up. Good thing everyone got a good crop put up last summer.


About 7 inches or a tad over as I write this. Wind coming from the north, but not howling. Yet.

Got the team in and the colts and the older cows that I have sorted off. The other cows are standing out here, out of the wind with a puzzled look on their face. Seems they weren’t ready for winter to return either.

Oh well, talked to a neighbor this morning and he told me it will be up in the 50’s by next week and all this will melt. While I agree this will all melt, I am not to sure I agree with his timing, but it’s always better to hope for good than bad, so I will hope so also.

Looks like a day to feed with the tractor. I do know that after wading around in this stuff getting the stuff in and feeding grain, I REALLY need to get in shape!