I doubt it will do any good, but….

This is the email I sent to the head of the company who did not deliver on their promise, as I see it. I will not name any names as of yet, until I see what happens with this. Maybe it’s just the cooler temperatures and wind that’s making me cranky? 🙂

Mr _ _ _ _

My name is Robert Dennis. I am a rancher in Western South Dakota where services are far apart and hard to get to, many times. I have been a member of your Auto Club of America company for almost a year now. Yesterday was my first time to try and use the services of this company.

I had occasion to drive my ranch pickup and stock trailer down to Chadron, Nebraska to meet my son, who is moving back to this country from that area, to start work at a different ranch.  My stock trailer is larger than his, so he met me there with his smaller trailer and his two horses and gear and I left him my larger trailer so that he could move all of his families belongings in it. I started back towards my home and had only gotten down the road a short ways when I had a flat on the trailer with the two horses in it. I stopped and with help from two nice young men who ranch in that area pumped up and put the spare on and headed on down the road. Just short of Hermosa, South Dakota, the spare tire blew out. I limped on down the road to a small gas station. I called your company looking for some roadside assistance as it was getting on towards dark and I couldn’t very well unhitch and leave the horses and trailer setting while I drove the 20 some miles into Rapid City, which was the closest place to get my tires repaired. The lady I talked to from your company told me that only my vehicle was covered and not any trailer I was pulling.

I sure wish you guys had told me that and made it very plain when I dished out my hard earned money to pay for your policy! If I had know this, I would have gotten a policy from another company that would have covered this as most of the time when I am driving my light duty truck, it is pulling a stock trailer. That is one of the main reasons I have it. and also why I bought this policy in the first place, to make it easier when i had these sort of problems. The lady did tell me she would give me names of companies who might be able to help me, but it would be at my own cost. I told her, “Thanks. For nothing.”

I am contacting you to let you know of my disgust with your company in this matter and will let everyone I can reach, that this is the policy for your company and that they should find a different company to do business with, in these matters. I only wish I knew of a hungry young attorney who would bring suit against you for misleading me when I spent my money on your policy. Seems as tho’ you large companies., that is all you understand, lawyers and lawsuits.

I am a rancher and around here, our word is our bond. If I tell someone I will do something, I do. And I expect the same treatment from others. I feel as though you and your company have failed me and that you broke your word to me. If your were not going to cover a vehicle, and anything attached to it., you should make it plain when people look into buying a policy from you. I wish I had a phone number for you so we could discuss this farther and I could get your side of the story and feelings on this matter, but I suppose you are a busy man and don’t have time to deal with the people who pay you money for the “services” which you are supposed to render. If you should wish to contact me, you have my return email address and my phone number is 605 985 5419. Please feel free to call me at any time, day or night. That is the way I do business.

I suppose my membership is due in a day or two. Rest assured, I will NOT renew.

Robert Dennis

10 thoughts on “I doubt it will do any good, but….

  1. Way to go..they should refund your premium too, I think you might be able to just add roadside assistance to your regular policy, check it out with your Insurance agent. I always find it helps me to complain..they say that every letter is worth a thousand voices. Through the power of the web you can reach many people..I won’t recommend that company to anyone after reading about how they treated you:)

  2. On a brighter note, it was 80 degrees here yesterday… Ha! And I love my AAA membership, they have saved my tail serveral times. But of course I don’t haul a trailer, but one guy did help me move the dead hooker I had in my trunk once when I had to get my spare out to fix a flat.

  3. RDennis: AAA covered my camper when I blew a tire coming home from Sissitan. Like a dummy, I didn’t ever check to see if I had a jack, and knuckle buster that fit the lug nuts.

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