Feb 28, 11

Man, it is a NICE day out there. Up in the 30’s an little to no wind, sun shining, just another day in paradise!

Did you watch any of the Loony Leftist Liberal Awards last night? I guess they call them the Academy Awards, but mostly it’s just a bunch of trained puppets applauding themselves. Why on earth do we and especially the media hold these people up to be a standard of what is good and right?

Granted, there are some talented people who can entertain you, but have any of them ever saved any lives or done anything else for this country other than post mindless drivel to keep the mind occupied? Why are they set up as hero’s and people to be emulated? Seems like the media delights in showing us all of them who are unmarried and have children with other people and get drunk and abuse drugs and do stupid things. And these are hero’s?

Maybe they get them selves confused with the people they portray in the movies and TV shows? Many time the movie shows us and is about a hero, but the people playing them in the movie are not. At least none I can think of.

How many have donned a uniform and stood a post for this country? Them are the real hero’s.

I guess I am just old and cranky, but I sure as hell don’t want my grand children looking at these people and thinking that they are who they want to emulate.

Probably the problem is, those who make the decisions as to what we get to watch are a part of the problem and all want to be rich and pretty like the actors they put in the movies and on TV.

Yup, the lunatics are running the asylum and have been for too long. I think it’s time to change that.

5 thoughts on “Feb 28, 11

  1. I agree with you, we put the news on this morning and all they could talk about was the awards and half of the movies they played in I never even heard of!!

  2. Used to watch these award shows all the time — even wrote a column about why I cared about ’em back in my newspaper days.

    Now, while I can still admire a well-told story and a great performance, I’m done with the celebrity love-ins and excess. Jode and I smiled to each other last night when we realized we were missing the Oscars…

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