Snow and cold. Below zero this morning. I used the tractor this morning as I needed to push some snow around the bales and clean off the driveway. Must be at least 8 inches, maybe more. Didn’t drift too bad.

Yesterday I throwed some little square bales in the back of the pickup and Cindy went with me, up west where the horses are. We broke and scattered the bales and Cindy drove. When I got in the pickup she noticed that the gauge that shows the batteries charge, wasn’t showing them getting any charge. So I suppose the alternator is out. I called around this morning and finally got a guy in Sturgis who has worked on Cindy’s car before. I am supposed to take it in , in the morning and he will check it out and put a new one on if needed. Then I am headed south to meet Chance. He will bring his trailer with his two horses he has down there and meet me halfway and I will leave him my larger trailer and haul his trailer and horses home.  Gramma is doing some finagling to get Kass to meet us part way and she will stay there until I come back thru’. Then Kass will bring her back out to the highway to meet me on the way back.

Supposed to warm up into the 20’s tomorrow and the  cold for another several days. Everyone is getting tired of winter and the hay is getting fed up. Good thing everyone got a good crop put up last summer.