Got my chores done this morning and called the mechanic to see if he had an alternator. He did so I quick showered and we took off. I noticed on the trip to town that the alternator showed it was working so when I got there Brian checked it out and it was working. We decided that the alternator must have had some snow in it and that is why it didn’t work the other day. He was pretty sure it would be fine, so I headed south to meet Chance.

Stopped in Rapid and picked up Gus as he’s going down to “help” his dad and make room in the other vehicle when Hope goes down to load things for the move, on Thursday/Friday. Got to Hermosa and met up with Kass and Cindy got out and went to spend the afternoon with her and the grand kids in Custer. Me and Gus headed on south.

Smooth sailing and we ended up going on to Crawford as Chance didn’t get as early of a start. Chance and I swapped trailers, his had two horses in it and it is smaller and mine is 22 foot and a little wider, so they can get all their belongings into it. Told him and Gus goodbye and I headed back towards home.

Got almost to Olerichs, home of 2008 world Champion Saddlebronc rider, Chad Ferley, when I blew a tire on the trailer. I pulled over and tried to back it up on a block I have, to keep from using the jack, but had no luck. Too much slush on the shoulder. Then I got the jack and was going to jack it up when I decided to check the spare tire I had gotten fixed for it a few weeks back. It was flat too!

So as Charlie Daniels sang in his song, “I limped on down the shoulder on the rim”! I could see a ranch house down the road a piece so I pulled in there and walked up and knocked on the door. No answer, but I noticed a small 4 wheeler coming with two guys in it. They pulled in, I asked to use their air tank and they told me to pull in their shop. They had a floor jack and a good air wrench, so in just a few minutes we all had the tire switched on it, and pumped up the spare and it was leaking at the bead, but when they dropped it down, the bead popped tight and the tire took air. I thought they looked familiar so asked their names and it turned out to be Chad Ferley and his brother. Not too often you get to have a World Champion bronc rider change your tire! 🙂

That is what I love about this country and the sport of Rodeo. No whining Prima Donna’s around this end of it. Just good ranch folks who happen to be very talented at a sport where they pay all their own entry fees and travel expense, with no guarantee of making a dime. Great people! Thanks Chad and Brother Ferley.

I got almost back to Hermosa when the spare blew! Damn!

I limped on in to a small Conaco station on the south side of town, where Cindy and Kass were waiting for me. I called my auto repair card people, but the sonsabitches told me that only the vehicle I was driving was covered and not any trailer I was pulling, so they could get me some names of places to call who might help me, but it would be at my expenses. I told her thanks for nothing and hung up the phone. Worst thing about a cell phone? You can’t slam the son of a bitch down!!!!!

I got a hold of Dales Tires in Rapid and they sent a hard working young man out and he struggled mightily and eventually got the two blown tires changed out with new ones and back on the trailer. I tipped him. Poor guy worked his butt off on them old stubborn tires.

After that it was a piece of cake. Dropped Cindy off in Sturgis where she had left her car at the mechanics for them to check out a light that stayed on in her dash and she is staying in town tonight. I cam home and the horses were real happy to get here. Me too!

So, if you get a chance, go watch Chad Ferley. Great bronc rider and can really swap out a tire. If he give up the sport of rodeo I am sure he can get a job in a pity crew for the car racing circuit!

If you need tires or some one to help you with them when you are in trouble, call Dales Tires in Rapid City.

And if you need some kind of auto service for break downs, don’t use the sonsabitches I have. I will post more on them later. I will hopefully have an email address and a phone number and I hope all of you will help them out by sending tons of emails and phone calls telling them what sorry sonsabitches they are. Wish I knew a young hunger attorney to sic on them!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Wow what a day, sure bet your glad it’s done. You know those trailer tires are for the most part only rated to 65mph, so you are bound to blow a few doing 95! 😉

    1. Well hell Mike, now you tell me!!!!!!

      Naw, never got over 75 and that was on the Interstate and maybe on a few long downhill runs on a posted at 70 mph road. Checked my mileage and got an average of about 14 so I wasn’t going too fast.

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