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This ol’ month is about shot.

Lite breeze coming out of the northwest this morning that is slowly dying down. Got some small drifts out there but not too hard.Sun is shining bright and last I looked it was about 20 out there.

Called in the team and harnessed them up after trimming their bridle paths and spot for the collars. Hauled part of a bale out in the trap for the calves. Got some leather waiting for me to work on it.

Built a new top for the bar yesterday afternoon. Used three 2×10’s. When I smoothed them up, I sure made a mess of fine sawdust Cindy and I had to mop  and sweep up. Fr Tyler is headed this way and Gramma has a roast in the oven.

Snow is coming in pretty horizontal. Woke up in the night and couldn’t get sleepy for awhile and the snow started here about 1 or 2 am. Hard to say how much we have, maybe 2 or 3 inches. Got some small soft drifts.

When I hayed the calves in the small trap yesterday I took what was left of the big round bale and pout it at the feed rack in the corral. Handy as this morning I didn’t have to feed, just bring the calves and two old cows running with them, into the corral. Bob and Shadow were big help!


After I hollered at them and threw a stick at Bob they got to where they had way better hearing!

Oh well, got some good exercise. Doing a little carpentry in the house today and some work on a saddle.

This wind and snow shall also pass and it will be beautiful again. I kind of like this weather. Keeps all the weak and wussies down south. Huh, Corky? 😉

Well, at least for the winter. 🙂

I hooked up to the trailer and hauled on of the heifers I had summered here, who missed the bus for the return trip home. Both guys who I summered cattle for sold those cattle yesterday. The cows sold for over $1200 and I didn’t see the heifers sell. Heard heifers were going for $1100 to $1300.


Neighbor boy stopped in and I ordered some fruit and jerky, he was selling to raise money for the FFA. Then I went and suckered the horses in with a pail of grain, caught and harnessed up the team, fed some hay out for the calves and set gates so the horses can’t get in to the small trap east of the house where I turned the calves in to. Hauled some bean up the creek with the team and came in and ate. Been on the phone pretty much ever since.

Why do they call it that? Because everyone gets black and blue from pushing and shoving to screw themselves on so called “deals”?

Went out this morning and sorted off the horses from the cows and let the cows go west and the horses east. Let the calves and colts out in the big corral so I won’t have to run water in their trough in the morning. It’s getting pretty thick with ice. Maybe while it is going to be nice for a few days I better go chop the ice out and throw it out, to be ready for the next time I have to use it.

Gabe went with me and we spoiled the cows and gave them part of a bale to help lure them in the corrals. Then we mixed up some bean for them and hauled it up the creek with the pickup and looked around at deer. Seen one pretty nice buck. Wide, but not to tall of a rack, he had a bunch of does with him and looked tired! 🙂

We hauled the garbage to the hole down south and then drove around and found some more deer. Gabe thought I ought to be shooting them, but I explained I was just looking for cripples. I really didn’t feel like messing with a deer. Wind was kind of sharp, but it was in the low 30’s so felt great. After a turkey sandwich I rode to Rapid with Tate and Kass and boys. They dropped me off where Chance had left the Ford car he had borrowed. I picked up a couple tires for Purple and then a few odds and ends and got Gramma a 32 inch flat screen TV for our mutual Christmas present. She’s pretty excited as now she can read the info on the screen.

But why don’t they tell you a 32 inch TV doesn’t have a 32 inch picture? More like 26 or maybe 28 wide and not quite that high. She had to call the company so we could figure out how to hook the damn thing up. Sure is gonna make the bronc riding at the NFR more fun to watch! 🙂

I am looking forward to the warmer weather that has rolled in. Might be time to work with them Halfy fillies.

I left the tractor plugged in last night and it was a good thing as I’d let the team go with the other horses yesterday when I was done feeding and they all went the hell and gone up the creek. Didn’t even strand around this morning begging for hay. guess they like that green that is under the snow! But the dang tractor wouldn’t steer for crap. About the time I got done it started to act like maybe it was working better. Don’t know if it just needs power steering fluid or what. hell, I am not even sure if it has power steering! I suppose the pump is going bad. It is old and had a long life, bound to be some stuff wearing out. And it damn sure ain’t no warmer than the team, without a cab. And the wind was damn brisk, you might say!

Read a lady who ranches up in Canada in Saskabush and she said it was 30 some below there plus a stiff wind today, while she was riding pens at a feed lot. So I guess we ain’t so bad off!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! We have family coming tomorrow if it don’t blizzard them out. So far it hasn’t been drifting too bad. I suppose because all that snow we had was so fluffy. It ain’t no more!


When I got up this morning Cindy called for the forecast out here. It called for the wind to come up today and stronger tomorrow and not very warm. So I went and plugged the tractor in so I could feed the critters. I left it plugged in for a couple hours. Cindy called back to say she was on her way home, so I dressed up and went out to feed. Tractor still didn’t want to start and it dawned on me that I had a team!

The horses were let out north, but had come in close to the corrals so I baited them with grain, caught up Ron and Roz and harnessed them. Man, that ol’ harness was stiff. It does that when it’s been below zero all night. Drove them out and hooked on to the bale wagon. Started off and Roz got stupid, pitched a fit for some odd reason and fell down, twice. Ron was so embarrassed! I had to unhook her from the wagon to get her up the second time and then saw that she had broken the ring out of the pole strap and the snap on her outside line. So I hooked the line back up best I could, unhooked, put them away and brought the broken harness to the house and fixed it, went back out, re-hooked up to the wagon and fed a bale to the cows and also a grass bale to the horses. Stupid cows wanted the horse hay and so they got mixed and I said the hell with it and left them mixed for now. All this time, Wren and Rill, the young team, were running around whinnying and acting stupid, cuz they couldn’t figure out why Ron and Roz were pulling a wagon. Evidently they have never seen this before! I unharnessed the team,turned them out, hooked up a hose for the calves and chopped and threw ice out of their tank and pitched hay to them while the tank was filling. Then I came to the house with two frozen hoses to thaw out. Now I am tired and ready to eat. That’s been my morning. How was yours? 🙂


5 to 8 inches depending on who you talk to.

Went over to Delbert’s and got the heifer calves Bangs vaccinated, this morning. Both Dean and I just hauled ours over there to save the vet from having to re-set up at our places. We only had 6 head, so it wasn’t much of a deal. Got Bob current on his shots also.

Here’s your dang snow pic’s Laura!

Still chilly with a wind, but not as bad. Tate and I went out and looked for another doe for him. Seen some bucks. Nothin’ worth hangin’ on the wall. He got a doe yesterday morning. Seen lots of deer, but we wasn’t in any hurry so didn’t even shoot. ‘Sides it was a cold windy Behar out there. Kids took off this evening. Just me and Gramma. Seems pretty quiet. Got to take the heifers over to the neighbors in the morning and Bangs them. Del called to remind me t was tomorrow and not the next day. Probably a good thing or I might not have made it!

Cold wind blowing from the east today. Brrr, ain’t got my blood thinned down or thickened up, whatever it is, so that this don’t feel very good. Muscle memory. My muscles remember them 40’s and 50’s we had a short time back. I guess when it’s November you should expect it.

Tate and Kass and boys are on their way here. Tate has deer tags and wants to shoot a couple does. I am not looking forward to going hunting today and don’t sound like tomorrow is going to be any better. Supposed to be a high of 8 on Tuesday and that is the day we are going to Bangs vaccinate the heifer calves.

Hope it’s nice where you are.

Biting cold wind out of the northwest this morning. Headed in to town for a funeral of an old rancher. I’ve known his son for quite a number of years and Cindy works with him.

Just had an encounter with a hunter who was friendly, but didn’t understand why I wasn’t to interested in letting him hunt, seeing as he is already hunting on 3 other ranches around here. Can we say greedy, boys and girls? Besides, Tate is coming out and he didn’t get to hunt last weekend.




Here’s a few pics from yesterday when we went to gather. Couldn’t get the new camera to work after I got it out. Too cold and the grease froze up? I should have taken it back today, but didn’t want to drive on to Rapid. It’s cold out and gonna get colder.