Nov 20, 10

Cold wind blowing from the east today. Brrr, ain’t got my blood thinned down or thickened up, whatever it is, so that this don’t feel very good. Muscle memory. My muscles remember them 40’s and 50’s we had a short time back. I guess when it’s November you should expect it.

Tate and Kass and boys are on their way here. Tate has deer tags and wants to shoot a couple does. I am not looking forward to going hunting today and don’t sound like tomorrow is going to be any better. Supposed to be a high of 8 on Tuesday and that is the day we are going to Bangs vaccinate the heifer calves.

Hope it’s nice where you are.

2 thoughts on “Nov 20, 10

  1. We are cold..the pot holes and small lakes are frozen as of yesterday. Snow in the air today..but the wind is calmer today. I have not seen the likes of the wind this year. Stay warm..hope your blood thickens up soon:)

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