Monday Nov 22, 10


5 to 8 inches depending on who you talk to.

Went over to Delbert’s and got the heifer calves Bangs vaccinated, this morning. Both Dean and I just hauled ours over there to save the vet from having to re-set up at our places. We only had 6 head, so it wasn’t much of a deal. Got Bob current on his shots also.

Here’s your dang snow pic’s Laura!

6 thoughts on “Monday Nov 22, 10

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like you are having a winter already. The snow on the posts and poles is pretty to look at, but cold. Stay warm as best you can, hope the wind eases up and have a good winter. We here in Colorado have only had a couple of dustings of snow here in the Front Range, the mountains are getting a lot of snow already.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hello Dennis

    Been a while since I looked at you blog, but it makes me feel good to “come back” and see what you’re up to. I’m down in NZ so we’re just coming into summer here, I’ve just started a colt (he’s now a 30 day hoss) and coming on well although a little cold backed or cinchy or something.

    Anyhoo I want to build a new saddle and see you’ve used a couple of cable rigged La Porte trees – I was thinking of using a Heath Hawes “Chicago Stockyard” tree which are similar and need to talk with someone about it. Could you email me if that would be OK. Thanks

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