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0 this morning when I went out to plug the tractor in. Snowing with about 2 inches on the ground from yesterday.

I need to catch a ride in to town with the neighbor lady who works with Cindy and do a little business. Hope the roads are okay. Bet they are or Cindy would have called or not gone in to work, tho’ she missed a few days with her sickness. Mine is getting better. Feel like I am runing at about 80%.

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers!

Caught some bug and feel like crap.

This is the beginning of our celebration of Lent. 40 days before the passion and Easter. A time for fasting, prayer and renewal.

Today while running a yearling filly into the back of the shed to work with her, I stepped on a patch of ice that the horses and I have pretty much avoided all winter. The filly made a move to escape, so I went to counter her move and bam! I was on my side on the ice before I knew what happened.

I have a very sore wrist and of course it is the one on my right hand that I tool leather with. And of course I have been trying to tool some leather. Oh well, I’ll find something else to do until it feels a little better. Gramma has a cold and seems to be miserable. Well, at least more miserable than normal! 😉

Don’t any of you tell her I said that or I will be toast! LOL

to post about. Weather is slowly warming, but not as quick as most of us want.

I am getting tired of reading about all the people who are not happy with the new prez and what is going on in Washington. Most of these people voted for these Congress people and this President, so why are they so startled or puzzled by what is going on?

With just a small amount of investigation, they could have looked at the track record of all these people and known with a certain amount of certanty, that this is exactly what this bunch of greedy pin heads were going to do!

Grow up people and live with your choices! Even tho it will cause this once great country to falter and stumble. I pray it doesn’t fall.

By the way, those of you with no survival skill? Better get some. I mean it.

Reminds me of Jim’s statement about talking at the office with a group of coworkers and they were all debating the skills they would need to survive a melt down of society, so to speakl. One guy said, “I have a 12 gauge shot gun and know how to use it. I can get anything else I need with that.”

Too true!

Went out in the afternoon the other day and worked with the bay filly. Then went out this afternoon and worked with her again and also the red dun filly. Both showed lots of progress.

I went up north yesterday and hauled a bull to a feller and dropped off a pair of my boots at the boot lady’s place, to get them re-soled. Road was sloppy in places. Seen some Bald Eagles. Gabe went with me. Gus has some kind of sickness and has spent most the day setting on Gramma’s lap. He did set on mine for a bit while I fed him ice cream. Yeah, they used to tie a steak around my neck to get the dogs to play with me when I was a kid too! 😉

Chances birthday today. I think he’s turning 23. Maybe 24. Must be 23 as Tyler is 28 and Chance was born 5 years after him.

Cindy and I went down to the local cafe last night after church, where they had a Valentines special. Prime Rib. It was good and there were lots of neighbors there. I guess that is about the wildest it gets for us old folks!

Tate came out yesterday so he sat with Gabe. Then he took off for home. It was good for Gabe to get to see his Dad for awhile and Tate needed to get to the country for a bit. Hope he made it home alright, last night.

Just another day. Wind blew a little and it got up in the upper 30’s. Had a couple different neighbors stop in, for one thing or another. My DIL Kass has an aunt who isn’t doing very well, so it sounds like I will go pick up Gabe tomorrow, to come stay with us while she goes and see’s her aunt, clear across the country. Sad for her but kind of special for me and Gramma!

Been misty, drizzly and wet since last night. Foggy this morning. Tate and Kass and our or other two grandsons Gabe and Lige came here from Custer yesterday and spent the afternoon. they took some hamburger home with them. For those who don’t know, They lived with us when Gabe was younger and when Lige was born a year ago last fall.

Gabe went with me up the creek and we took some bean and salt to the cows. They were up in Harry’s, where they weren’t supposed to be, but somebody (probably me!) left a gate open. So today I went up with the pickup, dogs and some wire and fixed on a gate and sicced the dogs on them and brought them back. I stopped on the way home and helped Chance load a little wood he had cut. He and Hope have found a house to rent and it uses mainly wood heat, so he is going to learn all about the joy of cutting and hauling and burning wood. Seems fun until you have to do it! 🙂

After I got home I took the tractor back up west and fed the cows as it is supposed to get windy and this rain turn to snow. Sounds like a humdinger for the next few days. Might be kind of a blizzard, so I fed extra.

Here’s some cute pictures!

Real nice day! Up in the fifties! It’s making all the snowdrifts that turned into ice flows into miniature glaciers and they are melting and digging and gouging along and getting way smaller. Sure is muddy.

Fed some hay this noon and then saddled up Beaver and rode and got in some cows that I was running for the neighbor. We even loped quite a bit. Then Chance helped me this afternoon and we got them in the corral and sorted them from our cows. The neighbors son came just before dark and we loaded them in his trailer and he hauled them home. Now when I feed a bale they will all get to eat more.

Nice weather like this and I need to stay in and enter checks into my Quicken account and work on a saddle. That will learn me to procrastinate!