Feb 15

Chances birthday today. I think he’s turning 23. Maybe 24. Must be 23 as Tyler is 28 and Chance was born 5 years after him.

Cindy and I went down to the local cafe last night after church, where they had a Valentines special. Prime Rib. It was good and there were lots of neighbors there. I guess that is about the wildest it gets for us old folks!

Tate came out yesterday so he sat with Gabe. Then he took off for home. It was good for Gabe to get to see his Dad for awhile and Tate needed to get to the country for a bit. Hope he made it home alright, last night.

One thought on “Feb 15

  1. Sounds like you had a nice time…. We dont do much for Valentines day – well, except for the normal work but I mean somthin special… I may have to take you up on your offer this summer… 🙂

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