Today while running a yearling filly into the back of the shed to work with her, I stepped on a patch of ice that the horses and I have pretty much avoided all winter. The filly made a move to escape, so I went to counter her move and bam! I was on my side on the ice before I knew what happened.

I have a very sore wrist and of course it is the one on my right hand that I tool leather with. And of course I have been trying to tool some leather. Oh well, I’ll find something else to do until it feels a little better. Gramma has a cold and seems to be miserable. Well, at least more miserable than normal! 😉

Don’t any of you tell her I said that or I will be toast! LOL

4 thoughts on “Dammit!

  1. You’d think with four legs they’d be a little better on a patch of ice.

    Funny how they are so stable sometimes and then… your ass is on the ground.

  2. Mark, I was afoot. But yeah, they can be pretty stable. But the ice we have this year is either worse than usual or I am just getting older and I am afraid it’s the latter!

  3. Join the club. I slipped on the ice taking the garbage to the street last month and fell on my tailbone. If it ain’t one damn-fool thing, it’s two or three…

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