Not much….

to post about. Weather is slowly warming, but not as quick as most of us want.

I am getting tired of reading about all the people who are not happy with the new prez and what is going on in Washington. Most of these people voted for these Congress people and this President, so why are they so startled or puzzled by what is going on?

With just a small amount of investigation, they could have looked at the track record of all these people and known with a certain amount of certanty, that this is exactly what this bunch of greedy pin heads were going to do!

Grow up people and live with your choices! Even tho it will cause this once great country to falter and stumble. I pray it doesn’t fall.

By the way, those of you with no survival skill? Better get some. I mean it.

Reminds me of Jim’s statement about talking at the office with a group of coworkers and they were all debating the skills they would need to survive a melt down of society, so to speakl. One guy said, “I have a 12 gauge shot gun and know how to use it. I can get anything else I need with that.”

Too true!

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