Real nice day! Up in the fifties! It’s making all the snowdrifts that turned into ice flows into miniature glaciers and they are melting and digging and gouging along and getting way smaller. Sure is muddy.

Fed some hay this noon and then saddled up Beaver and rode and got in some cows that I was running for the neighbor. We even loped quite a bit. Then Chance helped me this afternoon and we got them in the corral and sorted them from our cows. The neighbors son came just before dark and we loaded them in his trailer and he hauled them home. Now when I feed a bale they will all get to eat more.

Nice weather like this and I need to stay in and enter checks into my Quicken account and work on a saddle. That will learn me to procrastinate!

4 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Forgive me for sounding like a greenhorn, but…I am one! So…when you have a few minutes to spare, have you ever thought of perhaps placing in your sidebar a list of ‘Who’s who’! I know your more knowledgable readers will know who Chance and Beaver are but me? lol.

  2. Sorry Dickiebo. Yeah, I may have to do that. I just assume because I know who I am talking about , everyone else also does!

    Just to help you out, Chance is my youngest son who is living on the ranch with us and his wife and two sons. Beaver is the horse I am setting on in the picture of me.

    I will try to give a little more info from now on.

  3. We’ll take all we can get Linda, tho’ we have enough wells and waterlines we can get by without any. I may have to put up a fish tight fence on the over flow of the dam I stocked with trout tho!

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