Been misty, drizzly and wet since last night. Foggy this morning. Tate and Kass and our or other two grandsons Gabe and Lige came here from Custer yesterday and spent the afternoon. they took some hamburger home with them. For those who don’t know, They lived with us when Gabe was younger and when Lige was born a year ago last fall.

Gabe went with me up the creek and we took some bean and salt to the cows. They were up in Harry’s, where they weren’t supposed to be, but somebody (probably me!) left a gate open. So today I went up with the pickup, dogs and some wire and fixed on a gate and sicced the dogs on them and brought them back. I stopped on the way home and helped Chance load a little wood he had cut. He and Hope have found a house to rent and it uses mainly wood heat, so he is going to learn all about the joy of cutting and hauling and burning wood. Seems fun until you have to do it! 🙂

After I got home I took the tractor back up west and fed the cows as it is supposed to get windy and this rain turn to snow. Sounds like a humdinger for the next few days. Might be kind of a blizzard, so I fed extra.

Here’s some cute pictures!

4 thoughts on “Wet

  1. HELLO!!! Thank you SO much for visiting my blog! I hope that you will be back for another visit! What a wonderful blog you have – I have always wanted to visit a ranch but have never had the chance!! When I was MUCH younger, I used to break/train horses to ride – but I havent done that in YEARS!!!! If you ever get the itch to come out our way, feel free to stop in!!!!

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