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Tyler took off this morning, headed back to the cities for his last year of college. Next year at this time he should be a priest with his own church to run and work with and that will be his focus and somewhat his new family. We will still see him and have time with him, but it will be much the same as a child getting married and moving away. His time and thoughts will be towards the people he will serve. As it should be. I am sure he will do well. He always has, at anything he sets his mind too. Just as our other children do. We are very proud of all of them, warts and all!

Chance and I rode on yearlings and doctored 4 or 5 head for bad eyes and foot rot. We are gaining on them I think, but wonder at times. We also put the neighbors bull back in their pasture. He seems to be stiff and sore and was probably whipped by another bull so sought refuge in our pasture. Only problem with that is I don’t need him breeding these heifers! He might not throw small enough calves, but then most of the ones who are not bred yet will show up at preg checking time and get culled anyway I guess, so no real bad harm.

Odd, when I find one of this neighbors critters in my pasture, I just put them back. When they find one of mine in their pasture, they make sure to call and tell me to come get mine. I guess I am just too good of a neighbor! LOL

Worked on leather and rawhide hondo’s. Had a young man come who needed some skid boots patched up. Ate a whole bunch of tomato’s today. Hooked the brakes up to the wagon. Rode Mijo up west. Shadow went with us and at one point came out of the creek behind Mijo and man did that bother the little bay horse! Other than that he went well. Rode him yesterday too. I keep this up, he’s going to get broke!

Warmed up and going to get hotter. Chance and Hope should be here late tonight. Chance and I can ride on yearling’s and hopefully not find to many who need doctored. Need to hook the team up and haul more salt down to the yearling’s also.

Yesterday Tyler and I went to town. He and I both got our eyes checked and ordered new glasses. Then we went to Cablela’s and got fishing licenses. We then drove around to several spots and watched the fish ignore us. Stupid fish! They should know that when we go to the cost and effort, they are supposed to bite!

We ended up in Deadwood and had supper and then I won 7 bucks. The prime rib was much better than any fish, too!

Glad I got to spend time with him. He heads back this weekend to school and we probably will never get to spend much time together after he graduates and is a priest. Even not catching any fish, we had a good time.

I bought paint yesterday and painted my wagon box today. I have help coming Saturday to sort yearlings and then poetry at Devils Tower on Sunday afternoon and then again at New Underwood on Monday afternoon. Then get ready for the big party at Red Owl next Saturday!

Went out and saddled Mijo and went and moved all the yearlings to the far south pastures. He tried to hog with me a little after I warmed him up, but stopped as soon as I showed him I didn’t care for that kind of crap! He’s a tuffy.  Hardly broke a sweat and we made quite a few tracks. He’s smooth and catty. I can hardly wait to start riding his colts.

Yesterday, I took Tyler and Cindy along and we went to Union Center and got salt and mineral for the yearling’s. When we got home we took it out with the team and wagon. When I was down there today non Mijo, I saw that they had already eaten all of it. So we went back today and got more and put it out. Hopefully they will slow down their consumption now.

I think tomorrow Tyler and I will go to town and do some business and then fish a little, as it is supposed to cool off. Wish us luck!

The county is graveling the road that runs by our house. Sure is dusty when they roll by. They watered the road in front of the house, but it didn’t last too long. One thing about it, I don’t think it will take them too long and they will be done and we will have a good graveled road again.

All the kids and grandkids were home this weekend so we could baptize Lige and Sam.

Deacon Tyler, their uncle was the one who baptized them, so that was pretty cool.

I finally got my wagon boxes switched around today and also built a wagon seat with springs. Took the loader down south this morning and put dirt around a tank that was all muddy. Then this evening Tyler Cindy and I hooked up the team and hauled salt and mineral down to the yearlings. Good for all of us. Sure was nice rinding on that spring seat!

I kept Mijo, the horse formerly known as the stud, in this evening. Tomorrow I need to ride and push all the yearlings into the farthest south pasture. Hopefully, the wind will be right to do it and help me out.

WE have a new ranch country site. the old one was slow and miserable so a nice lady started a new one. Better go check it out if you like cowboys and ranchers.

Fixed up my hay wagon and hauled bales today. Got a couple loads left to haul tomorrow.

Got a funeral to go to on Thursday, up north at Lemmon. Old feller who was gettin ‘ bad, so it’s kind of a relief but you always hate to lose them.

I hauled a few bales with the team yesterday. all they wanted to do to drag one thru’ the creel crossings. I may have to find me a bigger team! Probably just need to get these in shape.

Tyler is home for a week before he goes back top his last year of college. He and his mother went to a neighbors and got about a pickup load of green beans. they canned this afternoon. Why they want green beans is beyond me! Frijoles I could see, but not green beans. They did bring home some cukes so we had cukes in vinegar with onions. That was good!

Some sneaky booger put some zuchini in the car when we were at a meeting last night. Guess it’s time to start locking the doors!

Worked on some rawhide hondo’s also today. Made my hands tired tonight.

I am tired for some reason tonight! 🙂

Just for part of the day tho’. I’ve got to go back to Deadwood for this evenings show. Starts at 6 Debra!

Camp Crook show went real well. Best group I’ve ever gotten to perform in front of maybe. We had highschool age kids setting right in front and they all laffed at the right time and really seemed to enjoy themselves. I don’t see that too often. I tell you, these kids who are raised in rural settings seem so much more mature and fun to be around. Maybe I have just never been around enough town and city kids.

Had a good show last night in Deadwood. Those guys like Kenny Putnam, I am working with can just fill in the background of any song I sing and make me sound good. Wish I had their talent.

Chance is down at the Artist ride. I am anxious to hear how it went for him and Rooster, a neighbor kid who went with him. Probably good stories. And hopefully they made some good money in tips. Next year I will have to plan better so I can be down there. But I have realy been enjoying where and who I been getting to hang with also.

Best part about Deadwood yesterday? I made $120 playing 3 card! Woo hoo, getting a little back! LOL

Neighbor and his son came over and we roped and doctored some yearlings. After dinner another neighbor came and I rode along with him as he cut out a field of hay to cut. He called last night to tell me they got it all cut and hopefully he will rake and bale it tomorrow. Cindy and I went up and picked chokecherries and then she was making them into jelly. Tyler showed up in the afternoon from getting all his belongings up to Eagle Butte. He takes off today for a trip with a buddy to Denver. I hooked my team up to my bale wagon and moved a bale and parked the wagon in front of the shed. Now I have to work on the wagon and mount a bake fork on it so I can haul bales when the hay gets baled.

Today I think I will work on the old sound system that is at then hall, so it will be up and going for the 100 birthday celebration. Tomorrow I head out to meet a couple and then on to Camp Crook. Friday and Saturday I will be in Deadwood, at least in the evenings, to entertain along with some others, the people of the Wagontrain and anyone else who shows up. So I probably won’t post anything on here for a few days unless I find a computer.

You suppose he needs a bigger hat?