This and that

Neighbor and his son came over and we roped and doctored some yearlings. After dinner another neighbor came and I rode along with him as he cut out a field of hay to cut. He called last night to tell me they got it all cut and hopefully he will rake and bale it tomorrow. Cindy and I went up and picked chokecherries and then she was making them into jelly. Tyler showed up in the afternoon from getting all his belongings up to Eagle Butte. He takes off today for a trip with a buddy to Denver. I hooked my team up to my bale wagon and moved a bale and parked the wagon in front of the shed. Now I have to work on the wagon and mount a bake fork on it so I can haul bales when the hay gets baled.

Today I think I will work on the old sound system that is at then hall, so it will be up and going for the 100 birthday celebration. Tomorrow I head out to meet a couple and then on to Camp Crook. Friday and Saturday I will be in Deadwood, at least in the evenings, to entertain along with some others, the people of the Wagontrain and anyone else who shows up. So I probably won’t post anything on here for a few days unless I find a computer.

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