Back to the real world

Fixed up my hay wagon and hauled bales today. Got a couple loads left to haul tomorrow.

Got a funeral to go to on Thursday, up north at Lemmon. Old feller who was gettin ‘ bad, so it’s kind of a relief but you always hate to lose them.

I hauled a few bales with the team yesterday. all they wanted to do to drag one thru’ the creel crossings. I may have to find me a bigger team! Probably just need to get these in shape.

Tyler is home for a week before he goes back top his last year of college. He and his mother went to a neighbors and got about a pickup load of green beans. they canned this afternoon. Why they want green beans is beyond me! Frijoles I could see, but not green beans. They did bring home some cukes so we had cukes in vinegar with onions. That was good!

Some sneaky booger put some zuchini in the car when we were at a meeting last night. Guess it’s time to start locking the doors!

Worked on some rawhide hondo’s also today. Made my hands tired tonight.

I am tired for some reason tonight! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back to the real world

  1. Sucks gettin’ old. I lock my doors when I go anywhere this time of year too for the same reason. Green beans will make you less tired, they’re good for you.

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