And the wind blows

Tyler took off this morning, headed back to the cities for his last year of college. Next year at this time he should be a priest with his own church to run and work with and that will be his focus and somewhat his new family. We will still see him and have time with him, but it will be much the same as a child getting married and moving away. His time and thoughts will be towards the people he will serve. As it should be. I am sure he will do well. He always has, at anything he sets his mind too. Just as our other children do. We are very proud of all of them, warts and all!

Chance and I rode on yearlings and doctored 4 or 5 head for bad eyes and foot rot. We are gaining on them I think, but wonder at times. We also put the neighbors bull back in their pasture. He seems to be stiff and sore and was probably whipped by another bull so sought refuge in our pasture. Only problem with that is I don’t need him breeding these heifers! He might not throw small enough calves, but then most of the ones who are not bred yet will show up at preg checking time and get culled anyway I guess, so no real bad harm.

Odd, when I find one of this neighbors critters in my pasture, I just put them back. When they find one of mine in their pasture, they make sure to call and tell me to come get mine. I guess I am just too good of a neighbor! LOL

4 thoughts on “And the wind blows

  1. I’ll be praying for Tyler. It’s so wonderful to know that there are such good men in our seminaries. God bless him, especially for having such a good and faithful family.

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