Tuesday 8/26/08

Went out and saddled Mijo and went and moved all the yearlings to the far south pastures. He tried to hog with me a little after I warmed him up, but stopped as soon as I showed him I didn’t care for that kind of crap! He’s a tuffy.  Hardly broke a sweat and we made quite a few tracks. He’s smooth and catty. I can hardly wait to start riding his colts.

Yesterday, I took Tyler and Cindy along and we went to Union Center and got salt and mineral for the yearling’s. When we got home we took it out with the team and wagon. When I was down there today non Mijo, I saw that they had already eaten all of it. So we went back today and got more and put it out. Hopefully they will slow down their consumption now.

I think tomorrow Tyler and I will go to town and do some business and then fish a little, as it is supposed to cool off. Wish us luck!

The county is graveling the road that runs by our house. Sure is dusty when they roll by. They watered the road in front of the house, but it didn’t last too long. One thing about it, I don’t think it will take them too long and they will be done and we will have a good graveled road again.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 8/26/08

  1. mad says thanks for the ponies Uncle Bob! Sorry we have been reading your blog just lazy and haven’t left a comment in awhile!

  2. Mijo looks pretty snappy there! He sure is a nice stallion, I’m sure you’ll have a crop of great riding horses when those colts of his grow up 🙂

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