I’m back!

Just for part of the day tho’. I’ve got to go back to Deadwood for this evenings show. Starts at 6 Debra!

Camp Crook show went real well. Best group I’ve ever gotten to perform in front of maybe. We had highschool age kids setting right in front and they all laffed at the right time and really seemed to enjoy themselves. I don’t see that too often. I tell you, these kids who are raised in rural settings seem so much more mature and fun to be around. Maybe I have just never been around enough town and city kids.

Had a good show last night in Deadwood. Those guys like Kenny Putnam, I am working with can just fill in the background of any song I sing and make me sound good. Wish I had their talent.

Chance is down at the Artist ride. I am anxious to hear how it went for him and Rooster, a neighbor kid who went with him. Probably good stories. And hopefully they made some good money in tips. Next year I will have to plan better so I can be down there. But I have realy been enjoying where and who I been getting to hang with also.

Best part about Deadwood yesterday? I made $120 playing 3 card! Woo hoo, getting a little back! LOL

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