Yesterday Tyler and I went to town. He and I both got our eyes checked and ordered new glasses. Then we went to Cablela’s and got fishing licenses. We then drove around to several spots and watched the fish ignore us. Stupid fish! They should know that when we go to the cost and effort, they are supposed to bite!

We ended up in Deadwood and had supper and then I won 7 bucks. The prime rib was much better than any fish, too!

Glad I got to spend time with him. He heads back this weekend to school and we probably will never get to spend much time together after he graduates and is a priest. Even not catching any fish, we had a good time.

I bought paint yesterday and painted my wagon box today. I have help coming Saturday to sort yearlings and then poetry at Devils Tower on Sunday afternoon and then again at New Underwood on Monday afternoon. Then get ready for the big party at Red Owl next Saturday!

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