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This is Jam and the stud colt.

This is Mijo. I was taking the picture into the sun so it didn’t turn out too well, so again, I fixed it! 🙂

Chance, Hope and Gus came out last night. Chance and I tore some more boards off the falling down leanto and he built doors for the TV stand for me. Cindy brought home some hinges so we got the doors hung on the TV stand.

Then Chance and I saddled up Beaver and Shorty and rode down and doctored 4 yearlings. Cindy had barbecued ribs waiting for us when we got back. Then Tyler showed up.

I don’t think I did too much today, but I’m tired. I need to go to bed! 🙂

This is Suzy and her filly. It’s pretty amazing how these colts fill out and muscle up so fast.

This picture is one that wasn’t very good, so I “fixed” it!

Hope you like the horse pictures Mad. 🙂

I went out last evening and took some pictures of the mares and colts. Here is the first of many. 😉

Okay Mad, if your gonn’a have horses, you got to have some of these. Otherwise the horses get bored and need a job. Cows make an excellent job for horses.

Guess I need to take the camera out and get some fresh horse pictures. Maybe I’ll go get some new ones of the babies.

Oh, by the way, this is a 17 year old longhorn and her baby this spring. This cow is supposed to get her head stuffed and mounted and hung on my wall someday. She’s so pretty.

Here you go Mad. This is from a branding this spring. I fiddled with this picture.

Cindy and I took Tris to Deadwood with us today and let him ride the go-carts at Gulches of Fun. Then we waited. And waited! And waited some more. We even drove them around the tracks a few times, but they ain’t made for people shaped like us! He sure enjoyed them tho’.

Then we made him wait while we played a few cards. I was ahead at one place and then broke even and then after we ate supper we tried one more place and I came out with 7 dollars to the good. That’s pretty good for me!

I won’t say how Cindy did. You’ll just have to ask her. 🙂

Back to the coal mine tomorrow. 😉

Here’s the TV stand.

Don’t be too critical, as I am just a lousy cabinet maker and I blame it on the fact that I have to use cheap lumber and don’t have the proper tools! That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it. 😉

I would like to salvage some more and build something similar for the computer. And I still need to make doors for this one.

Had quite a wind go thru’ last night so we had lots of branches drop. Got a few cleaned up, but it got hot and we are weenies to hot weather yet, so didn’t get too far on that project. I did get the tractor running and seeing as we already had a mess, I took the opportunity to cut down a large cottonwood tree that has been threatening to fall on the house for several years, so I cut it down. I am a fine lumberjack as it fell just as I predicted and I never even hit the house! It was so large that I barely could move it with the loader even after I cut it almost in half!

I rode Frankie down and looked at the south bunch of yearlings this afternoon/evening. I’m hot and tired so I am going to take a bath and go to bed.

Sorry I didn’t get any new horse pix loaded for you Mad. You’ll just have to see the real thing in another week or so!

Here’s a shot of a branding this spring. I messed around with it. I think it’s better now.

Here’s Gus this spring. I messed around with this photo too. You just can’t start them too young. 😉

Opened some gates and moved some yearlings around today. Didn’t seem like I accomplished too much.

Oh well, I’m still resting up from all the family reunion activities. 😉

Here’s a picture of Mijo, our stallion, I took it this spring and changed it the other day.

Went to a branding today in the breaks. Probably the last one for the spring.

I am supposed to go to Custer this weekend to perform. Guy wants me to come Friday night and spend the weekend. But I don’t know as I really need to be gone that long. I should be out going around some more fence.

Maybe Saturday night I could go down, or at least in the afternoon. We’ll see.

I got the TV cabinet moved in and all the different cord hooked up and everything seems to be working. YES! I am invincible! 🙂

And no Brenda, I don’t build them for others and when you come visit, you will see why. Barnwood just doesn’t look good everywhere. Especially with the bird droppings! 🙂

I’m tired! Built a cabinet for the TV out of old barn boards today. We took them off the top of a shed that is falling in. Didn’t turn out too bad. Good enough for who it’s for. But it sure wore me out. Damn, gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!

Here’s a picture from this spring. We branded at Eric and his Dad’s place and he was leading his son along on Squirt. We loaned Squirt to Eric and his wife Chas, for their children to ride. The little cowboy ain’t quite ready to get turned loose yet, so his Dad is leading him along. He’s quite a kid. Had lots of fun with him that day. Kind’a like I used to when his dad was about that size. 🙂

Our children grew up with Squirt and we loaned him to another family for a few years to teach their children to ride on, after our kids outgrew him. Dusty broke Squirt when he was an 8th grader. He’s not the prettiest horse, but will do to teach kids on. LOL

Here’s one from last spring, Mad. Chance on Frankie.

What a difference a year makes.

We’ve got a grandson we didn’t have and the kids live 100 miles from where we live now. Only get to see them on some weekends.

Oh well, life goes on.