June 21, 07

Here’s a shot of a branding this spring. I messed around with it. I think it’s better now.

Here’s Gus this spring. I messed around with this photo too. You just can’t start them too young. 😉

Opened some gates and moved some yearlings around today. Didn’t seem like I accomplished too much.

Oh well, I’m still resting up from all the family reunion activities. 😉

4 thoughts on “June 21, 07

  1. You are starting to get dangerous with your photo editor! We love the pics! And Gus-Gus is so cute!

  2. PS we meant to ask…where did the name Mijo come from? and How do you pick names for the new horses? I know you said you don’t name them right away…but we were wondering if you had named the three new babies and if so….what are they? and how did you pick them? Thank you!

  3. Mijo is Mexican for “Son” which seemed fitting, seeing as where he came from. Lots of time we refver to a horse by the name of Son, when we either don’t know his name or he hasn’t been named yet, as in “Easy Son, whoa boy.”

    We have not named the new crop of babies yet. They will name themselves when we start working with them, by how they act or what they do, sort of like a nickname. Sometimes the name sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. Their regestered names will come when we apply for their papers this late summer or fall.

    Glad you like the name Gus, Jill. 🙂 We do to.

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