June 20, 07

Here’s a picture of Mijo, our stallion, I took it this spring and changed it the other day.

Went to a branding today in the breaks. Probably the last one for the spring.

I am supposed to go to Custer this weekend to perform. Guy wants me to come Friday night and spend the weekend. But I don’t know as I really need to be gone that long. I should be out going around some more fence.

Maybe Saturday night I could go down, or at least in the afternoon. We’ll see.

I got the TV cabinet moved in and all the different cord hooked up and everything seems to be working. YES! I am invincible! 🙂

And no Brenda, I don’t build them for others and when you come visit, you will see why. Barnwood just doesn’t look good everywhere. Especially with the bird droppings! 🙂

3 thoughts on “June 20, 07

  1. Thanks for the pic of Mijo…I think we like it in black and white. Good luck in Custer if you go! And you might be right~~ barnwood may not go with my decor! So I will let you off the hook of building the cabinet and just take the TV! Something in a nice flat screen would go nicely with our decor!!! :o)

  2. Where’s a picture of the TV cabinet? I happen to be a retired trim carpenter and I’d like a go at critiquing it!


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