June 27,07

Okay Mad, if your gonn’a have horses, you got to have some of these. Otherwise the horses get bored and need a job. Cows make an excellent job for horses.

Guess I need to take the camera out and get some fresh horse pictures. Maybe I’ll go get some new ones of the babies.

Oh, by the way, this is a 17 year old longhorn and her baby this spring. This cow is supposed to get her head stuffed and mounted and hung on my wall someday. She’s so pretty.

One thought on “June 27,07

  1. The long horn set off a whole lot of giggles tonite! Mad thinks the horns are funny and loves the baby cow. ( yeah yeah I know but I called them baby cows as a kid and still do…sorry :o)

    PS we love the black and white photos and we checked out the poem on the other blog and left a comment. If you haven’t scroll back through her comments..many people commented on your poem

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