I’m tired! Built a cabinet for the TV out of old barn boards today. We took them off the top of a shed that is falling in. Didn’t turn out too bad. Good enough for who it’s for. But it sure wore me out. Damn, gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!

Here’s a picture from this spring. We branded at Eric and his Dad’s place and he was leading his son along on Squirt. We loaned Squirt to Eric and his wife Chas, for their children to ride. The little cowboy ain’t quite ready to get turned loose yet, so his Dad is leading him along. He’s quite a kid. Had lots of fun with him that day. Kind’a like I used to when his dad was about that size. 🙂

Our children grew up with Squirt and we loaned him to another family for a few years to teach their children to ride on, after our kids outgrew him. Dusty broke Squirt when he was an 8th grader. He’s not the prettiest horse, but will do to teach kids on. LOL

One thought on “Uuunggghh

  1. Dang I must be getting old as well, I remember Squirt! TV cabinets??? do you deliver them? and do I need to send you the specs from the TV????? ME TOO ME TOO :o) and of course Mad says thank you for the ponies!

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