Here’s the TV stand.

Don’t be too critical, as I am just a lousy cabinet maker and I blame it on the fact that I have to use cheap lumber and don’t have the proper tools! That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it. 😉

I would like to salvage some more and build something similar for the computer. And I still need to make doors for this one.

Had quite a wind go thru’ last night so we had lots of branches drop. Got a few cleaned up, but it got hot and we are weenies to hot weather yet, so didn’t get too far on that project. I did get the tractor running and seeing as we already had a mess, I took the opportunity to cut down a large cottonwood tree that has been threatening to fall on the house for several years, so I cut it down. I am a fine lumberjack as it fell just as I predicted and I never even hit the house! It was so large that I barely could move it with the loader even after I cut it almost in half!

I rode Frankie down and looked at the south bunch of yearlings this afternoon/evening. I’m hot and tired so I am going to take a bath and go to bed.

Sorry I didn’t get any new horse pix loaded for you Mad. You’ll just have to see the real thing in another week or so!

5 thoughts on “Hot!

  1. You could make a fortune down here with your furniture making! Folks like ‘rustic’…another word for ‘beat up’.

    Looks good!


  2. I love the TV cabinet…nice job! I remember how hot it gets there. I remember passing out in your living room when I was 14 from the heat. NOT FUN No problem on the pony picture–we just scroll through all the photos already on the blog. Trust me, there are bunch and we have had a ball. Well ok and Mad’s ZOO Nooz came today with lots of photos of all the animals at the zoo. She took her magazine to bed with her.

  3. I like it. Ruth is right. You could make a fortune selling furniture in places like Phoenix. I know. I bought a couple pieces of “rustic” furniture there for my place. I found out it costs a fortune to live like a Mexican peasant. Doors for the house would be great made out of that barn wood and so would a nice head board for the bed. What do ya think, Cindy???

  4. Another suggestion for the cabinet…rustic, rusty, black iron hardware for the doors. Hinges, pull rings, etc.

  5. Thank you all for the comments. I don’t think I would be able to sell many that would pay enough for the work involved with tearing the old boards off and putting them back together. You see, I don’t work very fast! 🙂
    And there aren’t that many boards left that will work, tho’ I do have another old barn that needs torn down or re-built!

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