Spring works

Still building on the chute and corrals. We got some continuous fence put in where old planks had broke and rotted off. Looks good. I used to make all my corral fences like a windbreak, but then cussed the drifted snow in the corrals. So now I make them fairly open. They stiff drift in some snow but not as bad.

We got all the posts set for the chute and the lower sides in, but still have to fill the bottom half at an incline with dirt, Some of them posts are 14 foot up off the ground, so finding a way other than a shovel to fill in the dirt is an interesting prospect! Our son who has the locker in Newell, Ryan, has a little telehandler, and he has a scoop and pallet forks for it, so we hope it will go high enough to dump over the side. The posts are all on 8 foot centers except right at the front, where they are 4 foot apart so we can put a trucker gate in, so it don’t leave much room. And of course we put it close to a shed, so you really can only dump from one side. May have to hire a neighbor with a back hoe! Or resort to shoveling. I have used a shovel a lot in my life. Even dug a hole by hand the other day. The ground was wet as far down as you wanted to dig. And I sure hope it stays that way with some additional moisture 

All my little purchased first calf heifers calved and seem to be doing good, but they all seem to have a hard time remembering who’s calf is whose. That must be why most people tag. I am glad I didn’t have to tag these. They seemed to be REAL good mothers! 

This evening a couple girls showed up and played with the ponies in the corral. Their older brother was helping us, so when we played Chance out , Gabe and I went and hung a new gate and then he worked with my little two year old colt. Nice horse. Seems smart. Gabe did good. I rode out and checked the cows. Seen all the calves and they looked to be well fed, so came home, ate supper and now I am thinking of a hot tub of water and then bed.

Sure have been enjoying the spring weather, tho’ the wind gets a bit tiresome, but I just keep telling myself at least we don’t have 2 feet of fresh snow for it to blow around!

Be sure to take some time and go listen to all the birds and look at that wonderful grass that is coming ever so slowly!

3 thoughts on “Spring works

  1. We are having great weather here in Washington state this week. It seems like the grass is growing an inch a day. I’ll take it.

  2. Spring is sprunging here too. Sounds like all things are getting in order at your place. Hope the telehandler works out- shoveling is for young folks. Just sayin’.

    1. As it turned out, we did shovel. Filled the loader bucket and got close and drug it in.. really wasn’t all that bad!

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