I was hoping we were done with below zero temps. One thing about this area, if you don’t like the weather, stick around awhile, it will probably change! 

I fed more hay than I wanted to so far this winter. And don’t tell me spring is almost here. By the calendar it is, but I have lived here 65 years and you ain’t fooling me. I have seen real cold and snow up into May. My Dad remembers when it snowed on the Fourth of July. I remember taking him to the rodeo in Faith in August and of course we weren’t dressed for cold weather. But it darn sure got cold. I went and found a vendor who was selling blankets and bought one to wrap him in, but he sure wouldn’t leave. I hope I don’t get that hard headed when I get old!!!

My wife talks about one of her baby sisters born in the middle of Sepetember and her dad taking her mom to the hospital in Deadwood in a blizzard.

Speaking of old, how come all the people my age are looking old? I haven’t hardly changed, I am pretty sure, tho’ once in awhile I do see an old man looking at me when I walk by a mirror. Sneaky old booger!

Have you all been following any news lately. Man, this old world is in a mess and maybe it always has, but now we have live on the ground coverage and up to the minute exposure, if you go to the right spots.

My family gives me a hard time about it, but I watch a lot of videos on TikTok. Yeah, yeah, it is Chinese propaganda, but what has amazed me is all the stuff they have been showing from numerous sources, who are not part of the MSM and their predictions and what all comes to pass ring true most of the time. Take that oil pipeline that was/is leaking oil in the North Sea. Right away there were people advising it was done by the good ol USA and now we are taking credit for it.

Interesting to me is the different takes on the war in the Ukraine. I haven’t made up my mind and I think there is probably wrong doing on both sides, but it sure isn’t as black and white as some make it out to be.

I remember Viet Nam and the reports that came out at the time, then what has come out since. Anyone who trusts the MSM and the government better not get into any gambling as I think they are suckers and will lose a bunch.

Speaking of gambling, it always amuses when I hear of people who go to Deadwood and sure never say much about losing, but they sure brag when they win. I was taught long ago that those places were not designed to put money in your pocket.

Kind of like ranching I guess, you better enjoy the life as I never met many ranchers who were really very wealthy in money. Sure if they sell out, but then the government just takes it. They will let you hit a lick every once in awhile, to keep you in the game.

Hmmm.. kind of reminds me of them casinos!

To quote the old mountain man, in the old Jeremiah Johnson movie, Watch your topknot, Pilgrim.

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