Yup, we had one!

Sure didn’t get as bad as it looked like it could’ve. I think we got almost a foot of snow. Kind of hard to tell when the wind drifts it. Probably one of the easiest ones I have been thru’. A large part of that is because I didn’t have a bunch of cows calving in it or a bunch of scatter brained yearlings who tend to like to drift with the wind.

I am sure there were lots of red eyed folks who didn’t get enough sleep, because of it, keeping watch on cattle and sheep. I can remember the after effects very well, when I did have a bunch of cows or yearlings around. But then, most stock folk know what they are signing up for. 

Its does always amaze me when I hear or read of folks complaining of the snow and wind. Do they not know that is the norm for this country? Is it fun? Well, maybe when you’re a kid. But it comes part and parcel for living in this area.

I have seen a few snow falls in my 60 plus years where the snow fell straight down and didn’t drift, but very few. I am not to sure what that must be like. I think it would be enjoyable, until I think of all the grass snowed under that the wind didn’t blow free, so livestock have to be fed every bite they eat, until it melts off.

I used to think it would be great to live up where there are all them trees to stop the wind like in the Black Hills, but then I hear about pine needle abortions, and that doesn’t sound like much fun.

I guess I am a prairie boy. I get up in the Hills and get a funny feeling and finally figure out it is because I feel closed in. Most days I can see Fox Ride, 30 some miles away, pretty clearly. If I go west just a bit, I can see the Black Hills, off 50 to 75 miles away, pretty clearly. No, I guess I will stay on the prairie and put up with wind and the dust storms and blizzards. I don’t have to deal with venomous snakes too many months of the year and it has got to where it is a rarity to see one around here. No alligators. Not much for tornado’s, tho’ I have seen the tail of one or two in my lifetime, tho’ not real close to here. Yeah, we get heat in the summer and cold in the winter, but it kind of breaks up the pace of things a little. Usually not real bad for humidity and so far we are far enough out from any larger towns or cities we don’t have much troubles with people like they do where them folks are crammed together. 

So to me, the good out weighs the bad. I have traveled all over these lower 48 states and never seen anywhere I liked as much as where I live. It’s always fun to travel and see other country, but when we top the hill and see this old ranch come in to sight, that is the best things I have seen on any trip so far.

I guess I am just too stupid to know how bad we really have it. They say ignorance is bliss, so I guess I am blissful. 

Pull your hat down, the wind may just come up!

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