New Hat

Awhile back the locals had a fund raiser for Chance, the son who broke both wrists and then his house burnt down. A fine young lady from Belle Fourche, Naomi Bennett ,donated a custom made, 100 % pure beaver fur hat, to be auctioned off, that she makes at her business, Put A Lid On It. I happened to get it bought and then when in Belle not long after made arrangements to stop in and get measured and get all the particulars down. I have known of her for quite some time and have watched her build her business, building hats. 

This past week we had errands in the Hills and she notified me that the hat was done, so we stopped in and picked it up. Man, she did a nice job. Looks great, feels great and just what I ordered. I would highly recommend her and her hats to anyone. She has a little, log cabin on the north side of town, up by the water tower or tank. If your thinking you would like a hat, swing in and talk to her. Might want to call her first or look her up on Social Media, as she is a busy lady. She has been night lambing for a neighboring rancher and commented on helping to calve heifers earlier in the season. If I remember correctly, she told me one time that she and a friend had built the cabin. It’s way cool!

While in the fair city, we stopped in at Cowboys Too, to harass the help. Sadly, Michell was out with sickness, but that cranky ol feller that ramrods the place was in there, and was fun to pick on. Even found me a shirt I decided I needed. I usually get into Pete Boots and Western Wear also, but we were getting pressed for time so didn’t get to stop.

I wonder if people in the local area, just take these and most the other businesses for granted and their stock of wares. We live far enough away, Belle isn’t our regular shopping area, but I always enjoy stopping in any of the shops there. Friendly and knowledgable help who seem to be happy to see you and treat you like a friend and not just a customer. Thats the kind of people I like to do business with. When I need shirts or pants, and am in the big city of Rapid, I dread it, as there don’t seem to be many shops that have what I want and most have the exact same items as the other, and many times, you have to basically wait on your self. I hope Belle always remains small town shopping. It used to be that  way in all these towns. But like most good things that used to be, it is getting to be a thing of the past.

And also, what about this weather? I read people complaining because it is cold and wintery. But I also see they are shutting down the snow mobile trails in the Hills. Seems to me like the end of March to first of April usually is kind of a mixture of cold and warm around here. I don’t think the ol’ boy who made the calendar and wrote down March 20 as the first day of spring comes from around here! I would say it is closer to May first to the 15th anyway. I guess it all depends on what you call spring weather.

In the mean time, lets hope all the fog we got awhile back, that was foretelling moisture around here, comes as warm rains. But even if it comes as snow, we will take it! After all, we ain’t got much choice. Might as well like what we got, we can’t change it, tho’ I read the government is trying. If it is like most things they try to “improve”, watch out!

Hope you get to wear your slickers a bunch in the near future with warm rain coming down!

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